Daily Headline – 26/01/13

Apple suppliers employing children

Apple Inc child labourIn true globalisation style the computer giant Apple searches for profits. Apple sets up contracts to make/supply parts far and wide for cheap labour, to maximise profits.

11 factories that Apple uses as suppliers have been found to employ children (under 16s) with the worst cases coming from China.

Surely Apple must be aware that when they use suppliers from developing countries that examples like this will certainly happen, the lack of standards in developing countries is what helps wages stay so low. This is the precise reason why Apple goes to these countries, to keep costs down and profits up, this is why they use Chinese labour instead of American labour or British labour.

This is globalisation, this is capitalism.

For more on this story click here.

7 thoughts on “Daily Headline – 26/01/13

  1. Liberty of Thinking

    When in the world will people finally realise who Steve Jobs was for real? I just can’t believe they speak of him as of God, when in reality he was nothing more than another ferocious slave owner, like all other multimillionaire “philanthropists”…
    Does ANYONE care that the billions they make in profits are STOLEN money?
    I write most of my stuff on an iPad 3… I am puzzled how could anyone not see that Apple products are just technical primitivism developed to perfection!? They lack BASIC features, which are to be developed after? Just wait and see, as the Steve the Magician is gone, Apple will follow… It already does!


  2. George volkov

    I have to do a business project on globalisation and business ethics, mind if I nick a bit of this?


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