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Daily Headline – 15/05/13

France back in recession

French flagFrance is back in a recession, the second time in 4 years as Socialist Party leader and President Francois Hollande comes under further criticism.

The capitalists would have you believe that a successful country is not one with the best/highest standards of living but one with the highest GDP. It is under such a guise that Socialism is deemed a failure.

Pseudo-Socialist parties and leaders don’t help the cause by going along with capitalism under a red banner, making the left look like failures.

This is the problem in France, they have a quasi Socialist government integrated into a capitalist Europe and European Union. France implements policies that try to improve conditions for the working class and make a fairer society and as a result ‘business confidence’ takes a big knock, the economy stumbles and the electorate think the ruling party are useless and vote them out only to return the previous lot of incompetent politicians.
So the never-ending cycle continues.

So what’s the answer?

Well that depends if you want the short-term or the long-term answer.

In the short term, stick with Hollande and the Socialists and screw ‘business confidence’. Maybe if we ignore the markets, they’ll go away!

In the long term capitalism must come to an end for real positive change to take place and it can’t be restricted to one country, stick with the European Union and together a socialist Europe will lead to real, genuine prosperity.

Daily Headline – 07/05/13

Under-5 children in the US 3 times more likely to die than in Iceland

Save-the-ChildrenSave the Children has released its annual report on mothers and children. The report looks at the likelihood of death in pregnancy or labour as well as the difficulties women face when they become mothers, comparing country to country.

The US sits at a predictably low 30th with the report stating:

“A woman in the U.S. is more than 10 times as likely as a woman in Estonia, Greece or Singapore to eventually die from a pregnancy related cause.”

“In the United States, the under-5 mortality rate is 7.5 per 1,000 live births. This is roughly on par with rates in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Qatar and Slovakia. At this rate, children in the U.S. are three times as likely as children in Iceland to die before their 5th birthday.”

The top 9 best countries are of course all European states with Australia rounding off the top 10:

1) Finland
2) Sweden
3) Norway
4) Iceland
5) Netherlands
6) Denmark
7) Spain
8) Belgium
9) Germany
10) Australia

Turkey and Romania are the let downs of Europe coming in at 60th & 61st respectively.

Other notable countries are:

23) UK
30) US
33) Cuba
59) Russia
68) China
176) DR Congo (last)

Full list can be found here.

Daily Headline – 09/04/13

Socialist wins 3rd term as President of Montenegro

Flag_of_MontenegroThe Democratic Party of Socialists (of Montenegro) (DPS) is a centre-left pro-Europe party which currently holds both positions of President and Prime Minister.

Filip Vujanovic has just won a 3rd term as president which will take him up to 2018.

Montenegro started negotiations with the EU in June last year about joining with the DPS being part of the Party of European Socialists (PES).

What’s amazing is that through all the media nonsense of the impending collapse of the European Union, the collapse of the Euro, member states exiting the Eurozone etc none of it has happened and countries are still queueing up to join with the next member being Croatia who will join in July with other countries, such as Iceland, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey having all applied to join.

The media, especially in the UK should get a grip on reality and stop pushing their bullshit agenda.

Daily Headline – 07/04/13

Private employment agencies costing the NHS ‘hundreds of millions’

nhslogoShort staffed UK hospitals are being forced to resort to using employment agencies to shore up the numbers.

It has been reported that agency doctors are being paid up to £15,000 per week.

Hospitals spent more than £2 billion on locum doctors in three years – a sum which could have paid the wages of 32,000 junior doctors or 10,000 consultants over the period.

Health Minister Dr Dan Poulter, a capitalist scum-bag, has blamed the EU’s working time directive (WTD) which set a maximum 48-hour-week for doctors. What the dumb-ass forgets is that the UK has an opt-out option for the agreement and that Doctors can legally work up to 56 hours per week.
By attacking the European Working Time Directive (EWTD) he seems to think that it’s a better idea to have life-saving doctors working more than 48 hours a week than, for example, employing more Doctors and medical staff.

Do we really want tired doctors trying to carry out life-saving actions? Do we want to pay private companies billions for staff?
No! Less hours, refreshed staff, employed directly by the NHS.

Switzerland joins banking bonus cap

By Leon J Williams

UK; EU budgetEarlier this week the UK’s Conservative party criticised the EU’s banking bonus cap, promising to fight the measure before it comes into play.

They went on to say that this was nothing more than a “boost for Zurich and Singapore and New York”.

Well tory scumbags, you can cross Zurich off that list because the Swiss public have voted overwhelmingly to cap bankers bonuses and executive pay with nearly 70% voting in favour of strict regulation.

Sure, a global approach would be the best option but with die-hard capitalist countries not willing to go there the would needs someone to take the lead and be the example, that is the EU, that is Switzerland, that is Europe!

Daily Headline – 24/02/13

Horsemeat scandal; give ‘tainted’ food to the poor

EU horse meat flagFood containing horsemeat but labelled as something else are being taken off the shelves in numerous European countries, including the UK.

The latest find saw six tonnes of minced beef and 2,400 packs of lasagne Bolognese containing horsemeat in Italy.

A German minister of the CDU party said “We can’t just throw away good food”

And that’s exactly what it is, good food, there are no health issues over the food just that it has been mislabelled.

He went on to say that there are 800 million people in the world who were hungry.

“Even in Germany, unfortunately there are people for whom it is financially tight, even for food. I think that we can’t just throw away good food here in Germany”

Will capitalism continue mass wastage while people go hungry?

Y’know what really f***s me off?

By Leon J Williams

When Americans talk about politics. There are cries of Obama is a Communist/Socialist because of the health care plan or Obama is a dictator, he will take our liberty/freedom with gun control etc.

Americans on Europe; Europe is Socialist, that’s why their economy is so bad etc.

I mean are these people fucking morons? Obama is at best centralist and Europe is also generally centralist also the EU has a bigger GDP than the US!

F*** off!

Turkey, the home of European terrorism

By Leon J Williams

The Global Peace Index 2012 has been released by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP). European nations fared pretty well with Turkey being the worst and 130th globally out of 158 nations.

Iceland was once again the best place in Europe and indeed the world.

Here’s a break down of some of the countries:

1st Iceland
2nd New Zealand
3rd Denmark

29th UK
70th Cuba
77th Greece
88th USA
89th China
128th Iran
130th Turkey
150th Israel
152nd North Korea
153rd Russia
158th Somalia

Full listing can be found here.

Turkey, who some say is in Europe while others say it is part of Asia/the Middle East will no doubt blame the troubles in Syria and the PKK situation for their poor standing in the tables but the AKP government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan must accept its role in failing to resolve issues which effect the safety of their citizens.

It will come as very little surprise after the European Union was awarded the Nobel Peace prize last year that Europe hosts some of the safest places in the world while the Middle East, other Arab countries and the US fared appallingly.

The EU’s Nobel Peace Prize did come under some criticism at the time but hopefully tables like this will help clarify why exactly the prize was awarded.

Worker Cooperatives & their role in the economic crisis

By Leon J Williams

Back in early March last year I wrote about ‘Worker cooperatives‘ explaining briefly what they are and how they work.

With the current ‘economic crisis’ that seems to never end in Europe and with the UK and US on the verge of a triple-dip recession I thought I would revisit the topic.

Sometimes in life it can feel that we are all helpless, unable to control our own lives and destiny while governments and the corporate world dictate how things are going to be, businesses are going into administration at what seems an unprecedented rate and job security seems like a distant dream.

It would seem that this is the perfect time for worker cooperatives to thrive, people banding together to secure their own futures without any dependence on the state or an employer.

Why aren’t they?

Have people forgotten what a worker cooperative is?
Do people not know enough like-minded individuals?

Two reasons come to mind:

1) People are so full of fear about their current plight that they have become paralysed, on one side they have a job that could go any day or they are unemployed with precious little money to risk and on the other there is the unknown with a society that’s screaming just take what you have and be grateful!

2) People have become so accustomed to the capitalist way of thinking that they would rather keep their jobs in the hope of maybe one day earning lots of money than they would set up a co-op with other people are share their profits.

Maybe cooperatives are booming but are hidden away with the media not wishing to cover or have we become so selfish that we would chance it to make lots over stability shared?

For additional information on setting up a cooperative click on the appropriate link below:


UK government trying to blackmail the EU

By Leon J Williams

British Prime Minister David Cameron has said he will block Eurozone attempts to strengthen the Euro through greater unity if the EU doesn’t agree to its demands to allow the UK to go back on its treaty agreement.

Any powers or authority the European Union has over its member states was agreed to by those member states and in turn a treaty or amendment signed by all members.

The UK seems to want to stand in the way of unity and stability in Europe, continue to have a say and tell the EU what to do while simultaneously not going along with any of the agreements, talk about ‘have you cake and eat it’!

Europe with the EU should decide and make up their mind who is in and who is out, if you’re out then shut up, if you’re in, you have to abide by the rules you create and agree, no opt-outs, no moaning about ‘powers’ just constructive debate.

I’m sure that the EU as well as the British public are getting fed-up of the UK’s behaviour and attitude (whether pro or against the EU) have your referendum on EU membership once and for all so in or out there will be no longer be any need for whining and the never-ending negative British press.