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Daily Headline – 12/05/13

Conservative Lord Young: exploit cheap labour

Lord YoungThe prime minister’s adviser on enterprise Lord Young has told the cabinet that the economic downturn is an excellent time for new businesses to boost profits and grow because labour is cheap.

Instead of trying to improve conditions for workers the ruling coalition is focusing on the positive side to recession, cheap labour and as we all know, cheap labour is good for business and good for profits.

If ever there was a clear sign of the governments callous attitude towards the working class and their lust for profits over people here it is.
Only business owners should be voting for the coalition, anyone else is voting against their own interests.

Conservative = Scum

Daily Headline – 26/01/13

Apple suppliers employing children

Apple Inc child labourIn true globalisation style the computer giant Apple searches for profits. Apple sets up contracts to make/supply parts far and wide for cheap labour, to maximise profits.

11 factories that Apple uses as suppliers have been found to employ children (under 16s) with the worst cases coming from China.

Surely Apple must be aware that when they use suppliers from developing countries that examples like this will certainly happen, the lack of standards in developing countries is what helps wages stay so low. This is the precise reason why Apple goes to these countries, to keep costs down and profits up, this is why they use Chinese labour instead of American labour or British labour.

This is globalisation, this is capitalism.

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