The end of The Underground – Signing off…

Dear readers,

ACA’s The Underground is closing down.

After 1 year of the online format we’re calling it a day. Finding support and contributors for TU has not been successful and rather than continue with 1 post a month it’s better we finish here and now after 1 year.

Thank you to all those who contributed to the blog.

Anton will continue to write over at MarxsRazor

Leon will continue to write over at Leon J Williams

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The Universality of Marx

The Universality of Marx By Loren Goldner

Shiraz Socialist

A comrade has drawn my attention to the following piece, which is an excellent critique of ‘identity’ politics – a problem, even in the 1980’s, when this piece (in part, a review of ‘Eurocentrism ‘, book by the Egyptian Marxist Samir Amin) was written. Matters are, of course, much worse now

(The following article originally appeared in New Politics , 1989)

The Universality of Marx
By Loren Goldner

A strange anomaly dominates the current social, political and cultural climate. World capitalism has for over fifteen years been sinking into its worst systemic crisis since the 1930’s, and one which in its biospheric dimensions is much worse than the 1930’s. At the same time, the social stratum which calls itself the left in Europe and the U.S. is in full retreat. In many advanced capitalist countries, and particularly in the U.S., that stratum increasingly suspects the world outlook of Karl…

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