The death of capitalism

I wonder if we will ever realise that no matter who we vote for, we’ll still be ruled by the rich. I don’t think anyone runs for prime minister for anything but their interests, or that of the bourgeoisie.

Our prime ministers will always either be labour or conservative, usually serving no more than two terms before the other party gets in.

Either way we’re fucked and capital continues to serve the bourgeoisie even more now, because of the decline of the welfare state.

These next few years will define the future of our nation, and our future.
I’m hoping socialism will prevail, but doubtful. The flame in the lamp of capitalism is dying out, and the workers are in control of letting it burn out or giving it more fuel.

But like all lamps, it will die out- it is inevitable, unsustainable; exploitation can not continue indefinitely, as the exploited will rise up against the exploiters.

But when this will happen is anyone’s guess. Socialists around the world declared that the end was nigh for capitalism in 1918, but we all know that turned into a bureaucratic, state capitalist regime.
All we socialists can do is follow the kautskyist slogan:
Educate, agitate, organise.

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