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Daily Headline – 08/02/13

CIA droning on

John Brennan drone killingThe CIA has continued its mantra of defending military drones and torture.

Nominee CIA director John Brennan has come under attack for continuing the long line of government supporters for both drone strikes and torture, citing them both as necessary.

He claimed that the US was careful to minimise civilians casualties, he said:
“We only take such actions as a last resort to save lives when there’s no other alternative to taking an action that’s going to mitigate that threat.”

His rhetoric will be popular among the governments of warmongering nations but will bring wide-spread condemnation among the civilised people of the world.

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Daily Headline – 05/02/13

US; Standard & Poor

US S&P flagStandard & Poor’s (the credit rating agency not the US) are to be sued by the US government over their 2007 assessment of mortgage bonds.

The US says that it was due to this assessment that their banks lent money to people with bad credit history to buy houses.

S&P responded stating that (the case and argument) is completely without factual merit.

It seems the US is looking for people to blame for causing the global economic crisis, the problem can be anything it seems except the capitalist system itself.

Too many unregulated or minimally regulated components of industry allowed to do as they please without any regard to the consequences of their actions.

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