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Permanent Revolution – dissolution statement

From Permanent Revolution:

Permanent Revolution logoPermanent Revolution was established in 2006 following the expulsion of a number of members of Workers Power in July 2006. The original intention of the organisation was to continue to try and build an organisation based on the core principles of revolutionary Trotskyism that we had all long adhered to while still members of Workers Power.

During the following seven years we produced 24 issues of a journal that we think made a significant contribution to debates within the far left, that attempted to develop Marxist theory to address new issues and that offered coherent programmatic answers to key issues facing the international working class. As a consequence the journal developed a significant audience and our ideas won a hearing across the left and the labour movement.

This literary contribution was matched by the activity of our comrades who led struggles in a number of areas and a variety of arenas – union, community, anti-cuts, anti-racist and so on.

However, with the development of a number of new campaigns, networks and organisations, combined with the decline of the established far left groups, we recognise the need for the left to organise itself in radically different ways. As a result we have now decided to cease publication of our journal and website.

Instead we will direct our efforts and resources to building those initiatives, regionally, locally and nationally, that we believe offer a way forward that is more effective than the maintenance of ourselves as a distinct group – for example, the Anti-Capitalist Initiative, Marxist Networks and radical trade union and campaigning organisations that are working to renew the labour movement and the left in working class communities.

We would like to thank you all for your support over the past seven years and we know that we will continue to work with you in common struggles in the years to come.

Thu 28, March 2013 @ 13:00

The British Left

By George Volkov

The left in Britain numbers at approximately 10,000 people, with the largest “communist party”, the Communist party of Britain, being completely reformist, and thus, disregarding that famous last paragraph in the communist manifesto- “They (Communists) openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.”.

The largest revolutionary party (SWP) numbers at about 800, so is too small to have any effect. The fact we have so many communist parties and organisations, may lead people to believe that Marxism is booming in Britain, they couldn’t be further from the truth. Parties split to form new parties, creating more tiny parties. The British left needs to unite to form a single Marxist party, ran on democratic centralism, which is the practice in which everything can be debated on, but once one strategy or theory gains the majority vote, that line has to be followed by the whole party- “freedom of discussion, unity of action.”- Lenin

Since this party would be made up of different tendencies- Marxists, Trotskyists, Marxist-Leninists, Anarcho-communists etc. it would allow us to break away from the dogmatism that has been holding us back for years, even decades. This would be akin to the popular front that gained power in Spain, 1936, but without being dominated by one party. By grouping together their efforts, the communists could easily double their numbers, just by enlightening a friend.
The left in Britain is weak, but like a pile of sticks, it will be stronger united. Break away from dogmatism and sectarianism. Marx and Engels wrote:
“ Proletarians of all lands unite” – shouldn’t that apply to their followers too?