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Daily Headline – 15/05/13

France back in recession

French flagFrance is back in a recession, the second time in 4 years as Socialist Party leader and President Francois Hollande comes under further criticism.

The capitalists would have you believe that a successful country is not one with the best/highest standards of living but one with the highest GDP. It is under such a guise that Socialism is deemed a failure.

Pseudo-Socialist parties and leaders don’t help the cause by going along with capitalism under a red banner, making the left look like failures.

This is the problem in France, they have a quasi Socialist government integrated into a capitalist Europe and European Union. France implements policies that try to improve conditions for the working class and make a fairer society and as a result ‘business confidence’ takes a big knock, the economy stumbles and the electorate think the ruling party are useless and vote them out only to return the previous lot of incompetent politicians.
So the never-ending cycle continues.

So what’s the answer?

Well that depends if you want the short-term or the long-term answer.

In the short term, stick with Hollande and the Socialists and screw ‘business confidence’. Maybe if we ignore the markets, they’ll go away!

In the long term capitalism must come to an end for real positive change to take place and it can’t be restricted to one country, stick with the European Union and together a socialist Europe will lead to real, genuine prosperity.

Barbaric civilisation

By Anton

We live in a world where such a thing as vital as water is sold as a commodity, where housing which is fundamental to survival is sold and rented, where basic foods which are needed to survive our sold. These things are basic human needs, and should be freely available to all, but no. One is required to sell their labour hourly and daily to survive, we have to sell ourselves to be able to buy a loaf of bread. But these company owners, they work too, don’t they? No, they do not. They live a life of luxury off our labour, more than we can ever dream of. These people contribute nothing to society, yet take of those who do.

All exploited have realised that they are being exploited. The capitalists can not keep up their illusion for long. We have seen their economy, full of contradictions, is built upon quicksand, and is quickly sinking. Recessions are a result of these contradictions inherent in capitalist society, it is a flawed system, thus recessions and depressions will continue to happen. Each time the petit bourgeoisie lose capital, which is accumulate in larger and larger quantities by the bourgeoisie. We have the scraps that the bourgeoisie do not want. Even to live, even to quench our thirst we have to sell ourselves. It is nothing more than barbarianism, when we have to work day in, day out to survive whilst we have scum at the top of society, no better than parasites, about as much use as a virus is to the human body.

A system of exploitation

By George Volkov

Don’t you see it? The exploitation? Fools!
We are in a recession, the capitalists lent more money than they had in a greedy attempt to accumulate more capital. ‘everyone is having their pay frozen’ claim the brainwashed, those who believe what the coots lost media tell you. Well, let’s look at how the rich are doing, whilst we are suffering for the crisis they caused: directors of the FTSE 100 – the top 100 British companies – saw their incomes rise by an average of 49 per cent last year.
‘Tighten our belts’, they shout, whilst rolling in their wealth. Look at the super rich, those who make billions a year. Take apple for example: why do we live in a world where it is acceptable for one man to make billions a year, yet pay those who produce the products the bare minimum, cooping them in horrible conditions?
You, the workers, those who make everything, those who without, society would collapse, get the amount to make you happy. You have these electronics, these commodities to distract you from this exploitative system. Why is so much of the wealth owned by so few?

Inform your friends of the parasitic nature of the rich, the bourgeoisie! Unite with your fellow proletarians, those who sell their labour to survive! Grab a red flag, a rifle, and your comrades! Organise into workers councils! Push your unions for a general strike and see this system collapse, because you are not working, and the so called wealth creators are panicking. On the ruins of this system of exploitation, we shall have a society where you, the workers run the world, the means of production!

Rise up and take what should be ours!

UK; Triple-dip recession

By Leon J Williams

British pound flagPutting aside for a second the failings and flaws behind the almost universal concept that a successful government is one that increases GDP the most.

The UK’s right-wing coalition government is a failure, its economy has contracted by 0.3% in the final quarter of 2012, worse than expected. The previous government, the ever increasingly unpopular centralist Labour Party (led by Gordon Brown) warned before the last General Election that if the winners of the election didn’t pursue a course of investment and instead pursued a course of austerity and welfare cuts that the country would experience a double-dip recession.
Needless to say the right-wing coalition government who won the election ignored the advice and did indeed plot course for austerity and cuts and the result is even worse, not only did we have our double-dip recession but now we enter a triple-dip recession, course set for stagnation, no opportunities, poverty and general hardship.

It is painfully clear that the UK government is following an ideologically driven agenda that aims to make the rich richer and the poor poorer.