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Daily Headline – 04/04/13

‘Children accessing porn should cause moral-panic’

Childrens comm logoAn article in the UK’s Telegraph newspaper claims that children, as young as 11 watching pornography is widespread.

A study from Sue Berelowitz, deputy children’s commissioner has said that in one school the entire year of 14 year old boys had seen porn and half of the girls (apparently they didn’t want to watch but the boys made them).

Miss Berelowitz added: “No one should be panicking – but why should not there be a moral panic?

She goes on to say… some boys now felt they had an “absolute entitlement to have sex with girls, any time, any place, any where, with whomsoever they wished”.

The watchdog was so concerned that it had more research to see if boys actually understood what “giving consent” to sex actually meant.


So, teens watching porn has the very realistic possibility to turn then into rapists? What a pile of shit. How can anyone make such a huge leap?

Before such easy access of the internet, when teens had to huddle round an actual physically printed porn magazine, did that turn them into people of ‘entitlement’?

Daily Headline – 28/03/13

UK Home Office fighting to deport rape and torture victim

Odette Sefuko protestAsylum seeker Odette Sefuko has been given an extension on her stay in the UK while DNA tests are undertaken to establish her nationality.

She and the UN claim she is from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) but the UK’s Home Office claims she is Ugandan.

If she is Ugandan, she will be deported, if she is from the DRC she will be granted asylum.

Odette Sefuko was an anti-rape campaigner in the DRC where her family were murdered and she was raped and tortured and the UK wants to send her back.

Her case drew protests in Sheffield, where she was being held and support from Sheffield’s Labour MP Paul Blomfield.

The UN has labeled the DRC the rape capital of the world.

Socialist Workers Party (SWP) UK in tatters

SWP logo

By Leon J Williams

UK left-wing political party the SWP is in shambles after mass resignations following the handling of rape allegations.

The alleged rape took place in 2011 by a member of the leadership and although the truth is not known it is the way in which the SWP leadership handled the situation that has caused the crisis.

2012 and 2013 has seen numerous members exit the party including prominent members, some have been expelled and some have resigned due to the poor handling of the situation.

With the exits at senior and grass-root level for the Lib Dems it begs the question, where will all these politically aware people turn to?

For full details and list of some of those who have resigned click here.