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Bulgarian anti-corruption protests

By Leon J Williams

Bulgaria protests - 22 June 2013

Bulgaria protests – 22 June 2013

Bulgaria’s Socialist led minority government voted to make media tycoon Delyan Peevski the National Security Chief.

Delyan Peevski is a member of the Turkish minority party the ‘Movement for Rights and Freedoms’ (DPS/ДПС).

The move to appoint Peevski on the 14th June has caused outrage among the Bulgarian public who see it as yet another sign of the rampant corruption that engulfs Bulgaria.

The appointment was cancelled 5 days later (19th June) as the Socialist led coalition says it is listening to the people however the protests are now in to their 10th day with no end in sight.

It’s hard to get reliable figures on how many have attended the protests so far with some figures around 10,000. As you can see from the photo, the protesters go on for as far as the eye can see.

Some have suggested that because the protests have remained peaceful the worlds media has been silent in its lack of coverage.

“I was seven when my parents took me to rallies for democracy when communism fell (in 1989),” said another, Kamelia Mitova, 31. “It’s unbelievable that I am here now for the same reasons.”

Are the tables starting to turn? | A view from around the world

By Leon J Williams

Brazil protestsA look at the news from around the world shows a clear sign, the people have had enough!

The people are fed up of having their lives dictated to them, being told who they can have sex with, who they can marry, if they can drink alcohol, where they taxes will be spent. The people are fed up of being beaten for expressing their right to free speech.

Enough is enough.


The situation in Turkey continues as the anti-government protests evolve into the ‘Standing Man’ civil disobedience. The Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan seeming losing the plot with his delusional public rants. Germany has started to stand in the way of Turkey’s EU bid because of the heavy handed police abuse much to Tayyip’s annoyance. Like any dictatorship there is heavy control and regulation of the media with more crackdowns on social media to come.


Greece’s already fragile coalition government has taken a blow as the Democratic Left Party pulls out over the closure of the national broadcaster ERT. The shock sudden closure caused protests from both the left and the right wing.


Over a million people (possibly 2 million) took to the streets in cities all over Brazil after transport fares increased dramatically. The people are angry at widespread corruption and the cost of the upcoming football world cup. No money to keep transport costs down but plenty of money for football stadiums.
Such is the scale of the protests that Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is holding an emergency cabinet meeting to discuss the country’s most widespread unrest in two decades.