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Sixth night of rioting in Antakya, Turkey

A look through Turkish newspaper Hurriyet today will find nothing of the ongoing rioting in Antakya and to a lesser extent Istanbul despite now going into the sixth day.

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Solidarity with those trying to oust Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the fascist AKP regime.

Good luck, you’re going to need it but don’t give up!


By Anton

We go to school, go to further education et cetera, then we get a job. We have to wake up at 7 to the sound of an alarm clock, have breakfast, drink, shit, piss, drive, walk or get the bus to work, stay there for eight hours, making a rich man richer, then go home, and at the end of the month get your wages so you can continue the process for another month.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. We try to force change through protests, but all protests do is show our disdain for the situation. Protests achieve nothing, they, at best, inconvenience a few bourgeois. if we want change we must forcefully demand it. We must stop seeing the police as our allies as they will undoubtedly do there job, which is protecting the bourgeoisie. We must understand that rocks and molotov cocktails are the instruments of change.

But all this change will do is make the cycle less harsh, in reality it will be the same cycle.
To truly break the cycle and live as free human beings, we must break capitalism.

Daily Headline – 29/03/13

Turkey deporting Syrian refugees

unhcrThe UN are looking into reports that Turkey has deported up to 600 Syrian refugees from a relief camp.

Officials at the site said the deportations happened but the Turkish government denies this.

Two days ago a protest was sparked off at the camp following the death of a teenager caused by Turkish incompetence as a power line failed and set fire to a tent.

Daily Headline – 07/03/13

Portuguese at their limit with austerity

Portugal protest flagThe Portuguese are realising that the spending cuts are not working, the people are angry and depressed.

March 2nd saw huge protests in the capital Lisbon that included people right across the spectrum, young, old, left, public workers and students.

The Portuguese accept that there must be some cuts but the level imposed by its government under the EU bailout terms are too much, too fast.

The EU has praised Portugal’s progress and urges them to continue despite the strong protests.

On March 13-14 there will be strikes by rail workers.
On March 21-23 there will be further strikes by staff at the national airline TAP.

People are calling for the resignation of all austerity-minded government ministers, an end to budget cuts, pay cuts/freezes and unemployment (which now stands at over 16%).

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