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Daily Headline – 31/03/13

UK teachers threaten ‘civil disobedience’

nut_logoTeachers in the UK are becoming ever more angry at the education secretary’s (Michael Gove) reforms which has now led to a grassroot movement of teachers to call for civil disobedience.

From the Guardian:

Classroom teachers at the National Union of Teachers’ annual conference in Liverpool told the Observer their profession had reached a turning point in its relations with Michael Gove, and calls for radical action were widespread. Last week the Association of Teachers and Lecturers overwhelmingly carried a motion of no confidence in Gove, in the first motion of its kind against an education secretary in its history. NUT members will vote on a similar motion on Sunday. Teachers have described Gove as showing “abject failure to improve education or treat teachers, parents and pupils with respect”.

“We’ve just had enough,” said Alison Palmer, a primary school teacher from Camden, north London. “We are committed people who try to do the best we can for children and Gove just tells us we are rubbish. There has to be a limit to what teachers will put up with.”