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Fascist Berlusconi sentenced to 1 year in prison

By Leon J Williams
Berlusconi prisonFormer Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been sentenced to 1 year in prison for illegally wire-tapping.

Berlusconi arranged for the police to wire-tap a political rival so, when the timing was best, he could discredit them.

Berlusconi is currently facing several court cases, some at the appeal stage and some upcoming over various accusations from corruption to having sex with an under age prostitute.

Berlusconi is currently vying to lead Italy once again after elections failed to bring about an outright winner.

The top 4 parties (or better to say the top 4 coalitions of parties):

Pier Luigi Bersani’s Common Good coalition
Silvio Berlusconi’s Centre-right coalition
Beppe Grillo’s Five Star Movement
Mario Monti’s With Monti for Italy

The court decision to sentence Berlusconi is a good move but more needs to be done to stop this highly corrupt man who is massively detrimental to the prosperity of Italy.

Daily Headline – 24/02/13

Horsemeat scandal; give ‘tainted’ food to the poor

EU horse meat flagFood containing horsemeat but labelled as something else are being taken off the shelves in numerous European countries, including the UK.

The latest find saw six tonnes of minced beef and 2,400 packs of lasagne Bolognese containing horsemeat in Italy.

A German minister of the CDU party said “We can’t just throw away good food”

And that’s exactly what it is, good food, there are no health issues over the food just that it has been mislabelled.

He went on to say that there are 800 million people in the world who were hungry.

“Even in Germany, unfortunately there are people for whom it is financially tight, even for food. I think that we can’t just throw away good food here in Germany”

Will capitalism continue mass wastage while people go hungry?