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Daily Headline – 03/02/13

Iraq; at least 30 dead at police HQ

Iraq war flagThe BBC is reporting the following:

‘At least 30 people have been killed as a suicide bomber and gunmen attacked a police headquarters in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, police say.’

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So far in Iraq nearly 4,500 US troops have died and over 50,000 Iraqi civilians (conservative figure). Click here for details.

A France/Mali & US/Iraq comparison

Yesterday Malian civilians sang the name of French president Francois Hollande as yet another city became free from Islamic oppression.

The French president will hand over to African forces once sovereignty of Mali has been restored to the Malian government.

When the French troops are gone, the aid will continue, financial aid and the restoration of cultural and historical sites damaged my the Islamic militants.

In comparison the US in Iraq which started in 2003 seems to go from wore to worse, despite the fact that combat troops officially left in 2010 there are constant bombings and attacks.

The US bombed the crap out of Iraq, went in, overthrew the government, killed thousands of civilians, contracted the rebuilding to US companies and left.

Who is Iraq sings the name of Bush or Obama?

Daily Headline – 27/01/13

French & Malian troops push North

France Mali fighting Islamic terrorismFrance and the government of Mali continue to work together and liberate occupied parts of the North of Mali.

The majority of the North of Mali is still occupied illegally by Islamic militants enforcing strict Islamic rules on the people living there.

France and Mali have liberated the so called stronghold city of Gao which sits just inside the occupied Northern area,

Troops will now push on to Timbuktu with estimates of how long this war will continue currently at about 2 weeks providing once the French troops pull out and return home that Malian government troops and African Union (AU) troops can stop the Islamic militants from returning.

One thing that has been short of in the media in relation to this conflict is the current cost to civilian lives. There were some reports of abuses by Malian government forces on some of the Islamic civilians but it seems there is no civilian casualty list.

What’s happening in Mali?

Daily Headline – 21/01/13

French forces advance towards northern Mali

Situation unclear in town of Diabaly as Islamic militants may or may not have left following French air attacks.

Algeria hostage death toll rises

It is now thought that 48 hostages have been killed by Islamic militants. 20 hostages remain missing and despite some uncertainty all 32 Islamic militants have been killed.

Muslims threaten civilian safety again

By Leon J Williams

An Islamic group has threatened the French after their operations in Mali and Somalia against Islamic militants in those countries.

France is assisting the government of Mali against the Muslims who are threatening and terrorising civilian life. France was also involved in a failed rescue attempt of a French citizen in Somalia, the man was being held hostage by more Islamic militants.

The UK government will now assist France and Mali in combating these extremists.

Muslims are also holding French hostages in in Niger, Nigeria and Mali.

The French government has stepped up security fearing more attacks on France.

Back in March last year Mohamed Merah killed 7 people in Toulouse, France, 3 soldiers and 4 Jewish people at a school.

Why is it that Muslims behave this way so often when other religious groups rarely (if ever) do?

Is it due to Islam being 600 years younger than Christianity and thus Muslims are behaving like Christians did 600 years ago?
Or is it because Islam only exists in culturally/socially primitive countries, (no Islamic countries in Western Europe, North America or Australasia) developing and under-developed countries?

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For more information about Mohamed Merah click here.