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Daily Headline – 16/05/13

A day of Islam…

Religion binToday, like many days, the world news is dominated by Islam and as usual, for all the wrong reasons.


Islamist gunmen kidnap seven Egypt security personnel in Sinai and demand that jailed militants are released in exchange for the men.


Sectarian violence strikes again as bombings kill 17 in Baghdad and more shooting occurring in the north.


Iranian government wants talk with world leaders over its nuclear program in what some suspect will only be a case of unreasonable demands as they try to blackmail the west.


Islamist rebels execute 11 Syrian soldiers for “massacres” carried out by the military.


15 foreigners are killed (6 of which were American) after a suicide car bombing in Kabul.


Austrian man Dominik Neubaur was forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint after he was kidnapped.

Daily Headline – 22/02/13

Iran set to join nuke club

Iran nuclear flagThe International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has said that Iran is now installing advanced centrifuge machines for enriching uranium at one of its nuclear plant.

Last week it was said that Iranian observers were in North Korea for their nuclear test and now this, it seems certain that Iran is set to follow in North Korea’s footsteps and join the nuclear club.

This has angered the US and they say they are not surprised by Iran’s latest nuclear development.

Where next for the US and the UN over North Korea and Iran? Options and time are running out if they wish to continue exerting their global dominance over other countries.

Daily Headline – 29/01/13

Iran follows North Korea into space

Iran space monkey flagIran has launched a rocket carrying a monkey into space, one month after North Korea’s successful launch.

This is not the first time Iran has successfully launched into space, in February 2009 and 2010 Iran had success. It is not thought that anything significant was learnt by Iran nor were any significant new technologies used.

Iran plans to use this experience in their aim of putting a man in space and then setting a manned orbital post by 2020. Which still remains highly ambitious.

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There are 10 nations (not including ESA) that can independently launch into space, can you name them?