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Daily Headline – 21/02/13

Today, 165 years ago in 1848, the manifesto of the communist party was published.
Communist Manifesto
This book should not be taken as a holy one, as Marxism is a science, and like any other science, needs to be updated and adapted when new evidence or new factors and variables appear. If one was to read this historical document (which it has become) they would see it in complete opposition to the USSR and it’s satellite states, as Marx and Engels were exiled due to censorship of the press and an oppressive government.

We must take the parts that are still relevant, adapting or updating if necessary, those that are unable to be updated to our present world must be thrown into the rubbish bin of history. Maybe it is time to write a 21st century communist manifesto.

Argentina ignores Falkland Islanders right to self-determination

By Leon J Williams

Falkland Islands flagArgentine arrogance knows no bounds as foreign minister Hector Timerman refused to meet representatives of the Falkland Islands.

The government of the Falkland Islands and their wishes have been completely ignored by Argentina.

Argentina is accusing the UK of continued colonialism saying that the islanders were transferred there and have no right to state the island as theirs.

A bit of history

Spain and Great Britain argues over the ownership of the islands in the early 1700s.
France established a naval base in 1764.
Unaware of the French base in the East Britain establishes a settlement in 1765.

At no point have the Falkland islands been Argentine.


It is possible that as Argentina was formally Spanish they feel there is a claim but such a weak argument would allow any former Spanish colony to make the same claim!

The progressive left feels that the islanders should be the ones who determine their future, not Argentina and not the UK.
If the islanders (as has been stated by themselves) want to remain part of the UK then that is their choice, no-one else’s!

A referendum on the Falkland Islands political status will be held in March 2013.