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GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) 2.8

By Leon J Williams

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a powerful open-source image editing program, similar to Photoshop.

I am not well versed with this program and only recently have I been giving a more serious look at, I made a poster, a crossword and now a simple comic strip called Yellow & Green.

I have found that using GIMP on its own raises some difficulties, I made the poster solely with GIMP but the crossword I used GIMP and Libra Spreadsheet and for the comic strip I used GIMP and Libra Draw.

A quick web search and you can easily find help using GIMP for pretty much any specific thing you are trying to do.

First the crossword, I formatted the cells so that they are square, used the fill background option to black out the squares I didn’t want then I highlighted the crossword and pasted into GIMP, I did this because when uploading to the internet the file needs to be in an image format. GIMP usage on this is very minimal.

For the simple comic strip I mostly used GIMP and only used Draw for the peoples heads and the speech bubbles. Once I made one comic square I used that as a template and just copy and pasted it three times to make the four square sections of the comic.
As you can see from the comic it is very simple and basic, this is due to my personal limited knowledge and experience with GIMP and not a reflection of any limitations with the program, someone with more talent could do a much better job.