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Daily Headline – 24/02/13

Horsemeat scandal; give ‘tainted’ food to the poor

EU horse meat flagFood containing horsemeat but labelled as something else are being taken off the shelves in numerous European countries, including the UK.

The latest find saw six tonnes of minced beef and 2,400 packs of lasagne Bolognese containing horsemeat in Italy.

A German minister of the CDU party said “We can’t just throw away good food”

And that’s exactly what it is, good food, there are no health issues over the food just that it has been mislabelled.

He went on to say that there are 800 million people in the world who were hungry.

“Even in Germany, unfortunately there are people for whom it is financially tight, even for food. I think that we can’t just throw away good food here in Germany”

Will capitalism continue mass wastage while people go hungry?

Daily Headline – 14/02/13

EU; Where’s the beef?

EU horse meat flagIt seems that criminal gangs (also known as businessmen) are responsible for introducing cheap horse meat into food labelled beef to help maximise profits. As is typical of such people they have no regard for laws and regulations.

Although at this time it is not certain who is to blame the current leads show a tangled web of meat movement from Romania and including a host of EU countries. Key players in in the scandal (other than Romania) are traders in the Netherlands and Cyprus.

Romania claims that its abattoirs which among other meats provides horse did not sell the horse meat as beef and that all meats are kept separate in line with current standards and regulations. This has led to suspicions that the culprit(s) could be the next point in the chain of Dutch or Cypriot meat traders.

The EU is encouraging member states to carry out testing of meat labelled beef but hasn’t or can’t make such a call mandatory.