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Opposing Sectarian Orange March

By Barry Mellows

Opposing an Orange March in Newtown; in the Parish of Galoon Co. Fermanagh, The province of Ulster, Ireland and the whole entire world.

We should never localise opposition to universal wrong and injustice or place parochial garb upon continuing apartheid. As Irish Republican Socialists in the shadow of a long war Psyop called “Ulsterisation” we need to recall and expound the words of possibly the greatest revolutionary of our time Dominic McGlinchey who said :

“I am an ordinary republican socialist,who is determined to strive for a free socialist Ireland. I am also an internationalist as all true socialists are”.

As internationalists our opposition to sectarianism and supremacy; apartheid and injustice, is always universal and should be as prevalent in Palestine as it is present on the streets of Ardoyne.

It is wrong to have an Organisation like the Orange Order anywhere –They are a reactionary expression of triumphalism built soley, all those years ago to undermine efforts aimed towards building a united and secular society of equality and fostering fraternal aspirations; and doing so by promoting hate of man and sectarian atrocity.

They are encouraged to act in the way that they do today by the British Government, their actions are bolstered by Loyalist Terrorists who are directed by the British Government and their will is appeased by National collaborationists whose interests are served by the British Government and all of it is another game played on the backs of the worker to copper fasten foreign rule over the indigenous people.

Tonight in Newtownbutler opposition will be expressed to this wrong.

Newtown is the saxon name imposed on Aghagay (Field of geese) in the parish of Galoon South Fermanagh situated on the Fermanagh / Monaghan County line.
The people are predominantly nationalist, known names are Canon Tom Maguire a ferociously anti-partitionist Priest and sadly the names of Michael Naan and Andrew Murray became representative of the British Governments nefarious hold on Ireland here.

In 1972 Michael Naan and his Farm hand and Neighbour Andrew Murray were butchered in the most savage crazed attack imaginable. The killings became known as the “Pitchfork murders”. Initially the British suggested these gruesome murders had been carried out by local loyalists in retaliation for the assassination of a UDR militia man near the town the previous year.

The reality however is that a passing patrol of the Argyle and Sutherland highlanders, British Crown Forces, blood thirsty on tales of savagery from Aden decided to carry out the murder of two innocent farmers and stoke up the fires of sectarian hatred required to keep Ireland occupied and at war.

So frenzied and sadistic was the attack on these Newtown men that years later in the hunt for the Yorkshire ripper the brutal descriptions of victims injuries led a former Soldier to recall the scene he had witnessed in Newtown and to report it to Ripper detectives. Eventually 2 soldiers were sentenced for the murders the recorded confession of a staff sergeant read:

‘I did it. I did the killings. I killed them and they just wouldn’t stop screaming. Oh my god – I have been having bloody nightmares about it’.

Others in that patrol, including the officer in command were also convicted in relation to them. No-one was convicted or tried for, and no explanation was offered for the British Governments concealing of these murders and their protecting of those who perpetrated these murders because these murders were orchestrated by the British Government to promote the theory that sectarian atrocity had occurred in Newtown and so further separate the Irish People of Newtown from each other and freedom.

The march planned through Newtown among other things is intended to celebrate the likes of this atrocity and ram it in the face of those men’s friends and family all for the culture of British Rule in Ireland.

It is also orchestrated by the British Government as an act to further separate the Irish People of Newtown from each other and freedom

What ever reason you decide to oppose this evil in Newtown – Use your feet and hit the street.

Daily Headline – 04/04/13

‘Children accessing porn should cause moral-panic’

Childrens comm logoAn article in the UK’s Telegraph newspaper claims that children, as young as 11 watching pornography is widespread.

A study from Sue Berelowitz, deputy children’s commissioner has said that in one school the entire year of 14 year old boys had seen porn and half of the girls (apparently they didn’t want to watch but the boys made them).

Miss Berelowitz added: “No one should be panicking – but why should not there be a moral panic?

She goes on to say… some boys now felt they had an “absolute entitlement to have sex with girls, any time, any place, any where, with whomsoever they wished”.

The watchdog was so concerned that it had more research to see if boys actually understood what “giving consent” to sex actually meant.


So, teens watching porn has the very realistic possibility to turn then into rapists? What a pile of shit. How can anyone make such a huge leap?

Before such easy access of the internet, when teens had to huddle round an actual physically printed porn magazine, did that turn them into people of ‘entitlement’?

Daily Headline – 31/01/13

“Should Scotland be an independent country: yes/no?”

EU British Scottish flagThat is the question that will be put to the people of Scotland next year when they have their referendum on independence.

The Scottish people have democratically elected a leader (Alex Salmond of the Scottish National Party) though he is limited in what he can do as the majority or laws (and all the major ones) come from London by a party elected by the English.

Scotland’s population: 5.5 million
England’s population: 53 million
Wales’ population: 3 million

So really it doesn’t matter who Scotland and Wales vote for because they will never be in a position to have the leaders they want while ‘Britain’ remains. No real democracy.

Ironically this situation is uncannily like Britain’s unhappy relationship with the European Union (EU), Britain wants out because it can’t have a loud enough say it what goes on and has to implement EU laws, just like Scotland has to implement England’s laws (mostly anyway, Scotland, like England have opt-out options with Britain and the EU respectively).

The English people want independence from the EU but they don’t want Scotland to have independence from them. In typical English style they want to have their cake and eat it.