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Top 10 British car manufacturers

Top 10 British car manufacturers

British manufacturing flagWell, when I say ‘British’… you know, Britain and manufacturing are no longer synonymous with each other ever since a certain Thatcher came to power and decided that Britain should put all its eggs in one finance basket.


Here are some familiar names:

1. Aston Martin (owned by Ford Motors) American

2. Bentley (owned by  Volkswagen Group) German

3. Jaguar (owned by Tata motors) Indian

4. Land Rover (owned by Tata motors) Indian

5. Lotus (owned by Proton) Malaysian

6. MG (owned by SAIC Motors) Chinese

7. Mini (owned by BMW) German

8. Rolls-Royce (owned by BMW) German

9. Rover (owned by Tata motors) Indian

10. Vauxhall Motors (owned by Opel) German