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Margaret Thatcher – obituary

Only the good die young - Margaret Thatcher, dead at 87

Only the good die young – Thatcher, dead at 87

Margaret Thatcher died this morning… no don’t celebrate… save that till after you’ve read The Underground!

The wankers in the press piss me off, what a spineless bunch! The Iron Lady this, the Iron Lady that, she saved the UK, defeated Brussels and freed the Falklands!<
Can these media morons not pass a negative comment towards someone when they have died? Are all people who die saints?

It seems that reality and historical fact go out of the window the day someone dies with all the crap that comes with ‘respect’.

I look forward to Nick Griffin’s or Nigel Farage’s obituary! I’m sure we’ll hear how they kept Britain independent or how they nobley stopped the Islamic cultural invasion!
Thatcher, founder of ‘new racism’ and promoter of greed and selfishness whose term in office is noted for its high unemployment and social unrest.

“I deplored her contempt for social values, for citizenship and her brutal indifference to human suffering.” Tom Robinson

“Scotland’s communities suffer the brutal legacy of Margaret Thatcher to this day” Tommy Sheridan

“A lot of her legacy was disastrous – an enormous increase in unemployment, the collapse of manufacturing industry and the doubling of inflation.” Lord Healey