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Che in Bolivia


Che in Bolivia


Performance check; Evo Morales’ Bolivia

By Leon J Williams

Evo Morales became the Bolivian president in January 2006, his predecessor Eduardo Rodriguez was in power for just six months prior to this and before him was Carlos Mesa who was in power from 2003.

I’ve taken a look at three lots of statistics:
Human Development Index (HDI) 2004 & 2005-2011 (2003 data seems unavailable)
GDP (nominal) (2003-2011) (based on USD in millions)
GDP (PPP) per capita (2003-2011)


Mesa/Rodriguez era
2004-2005 -43 points
2005-2006 +1 point

Evo Morales era
2006-2007 -5 points
2007-2008 +6 points
2008-2009 +4 points
2010-2011 +7 points

GDP (nominal)

Mesa/Rodriguez era
2003-2004 717
2004-2005 765
2005-2006 1945

Evo Morales era
2006-2007 1773
2007-2008 3310
2008-2009 862
2009-2010 2346
2010-2011 4250

GDP (PPP) per capita

Mesa/Rodriguez era
2003-2004 151
2004-2005 210
2005-2006 144

Evo Morales era

2006-2007 235
2007-2008 256
2008-2009 96
2009-2010 154
2010-2011 244

Although HDI figures are not out for the following period there is date for 2011-2012 for GDP which is as follows:
GDP (nominal) 2689
GDP (PPP) pc 224

Clearly there must have been some turmoil following Evo Morales landslide election victory but even then and thereafter the statistics show clearly that the effects of President Morales policies which have included (but of course not limited to) a series of nationalisations in various sectors.

The worst period for Bolivia in terms of standard of living was 2004-2005
The best period for Bolivia in terms of standard of living was 2010-2011

The worst period for Bolivia in terms of GDP (nominal) was 2003-2004
The best period for Bolivia in terms of GDP (nominal) was 2011-2012

The worst period for Bolivia in terms of GDP (PPP) pc was 2008-2009
The best period for Bolivia in terms of GDP (PPP) pc was 2007-2008

So while it isn’t a complete whitewash for Evo Morales it’s clear that the nationalisations and general policies in Bolivia enacted by the president and his party are having a massive, positive impact on the country and its people.
Evo Morales’ brand of socialism is working.

The US working to destabilise Bolivia

By Leon J Williams

Bolivian officials say they have conclusive proof that the US government, along with it’s embassy staff in Bolivia is trying to destabilise Bolivia and its government.

Bolivia is preparing the evidence for submission directly to US President Obama himself.

Numerous states in Latin America and indeed around the world accuse the US of the same thing. Essentially asserting their dominance over other countries in order to get favourable terms for its government and American businesses as well as convince the citizens of those respective countries to adopt political and economical systems more aligned to the US style.

Some of the countries who have ‘issues’ with the US, this list represents a variety of problems and the list is by no means exhaustive:

North Korea

Most notably the US has great beef with the ideology of nationalisation, welfare and in general anything ‘social’, one example being that relations with Angola were only normalised in 1992 after Angola denounced Marxism.


Whether Bolivia does or doesn’t have conclusive evidence of American actions/plans to destabilise their country the result is extremely unlikely to change anything, the US will ignore the evidence (rightly or wrongly) and Bolivia will remain anti-American.