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Sixth night of rioting in Antakya, Turkey

A look through Turkish newspaper Hurriyet today will find nothing of the ongoing rioting in Antakya and to a lesser extent Istanbul despite now going into the sixth day.

Courtesy of jn1:

Solidarity with those trying to oust Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the fascist AKP regime.

Good luck, you’re going to need it but don’t give up!


Daily Headline – 21/03/13

Kurdish independence bid from Turkey over?

Kurdistan flagIt seems that the Kurdistan Workers’ party (PKK) has given up on its 30 year guerilla campaign for an independent Kurdish state.

Abdullah Ocalan the imprisoned PKK leader will announce today, the day of Newroz (Kurdish and Persian new year), that there will be a ceasefire between them and the Turkish authorities.

Ocalan has stated that in his ‘peace roadmap’ that the Kurdish people did not demand a separate independent state, but that substantial constitutional and judicial changes that would guarantee Turkey’s Kurdish population all cultural rights and give more power to local authorities.

There is still uncertainty about what will happen next as negotiations between Ocalan and Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan continue. One hope is that Abdullah Ocalan will be released from prison and take up party politics for the 2015 Turkish general elections. This could lead to a democratic independence bid.

Turkey has 3 major parties:

1st AKP – similar to UKIP (right-wing)
2nd CHP – similar to Labour (centralist)
3rd MHP – similar to the BNP (far-right)

Turkey has 3 left-wing parties, the BDP, TKP and EMEP. At the 2011 elections the BDP didn’t take part and their candidates all stood as independents as their former incarnation, the DTP had to disband due to being pro Kurdish.
If the BDP stood as a party they would be the 4th largest with TKP and EMEP both being very small parties.

Whatever happens with Ocalan and the Kurdish situation one thing is for sure, Turkey will continue to be incredibly right-wing and extremely religious and reactionary for a long time to come.

Turkey and Belarus; Embarrassments of Europe

By Leon J Williams

RWB Turkey EU flagReporters without borders’ Press Freedom Index (PFI) for 2012 shows a shocking but painfully accurate picture of press freedoms around the world.

As with most tables and indexes there are no real surprises, the top positions are filled with European countries (in particular Scandinavian countries) and Canada while the US languishes in 32nd place.

This table appropriately highlights two dreadful countries that blight Europe’s progressive attitude and stance on press freedom (as is true for freedom in general); Turkey and Belarus.

The full table can be found here.

Turkey is 154th in the world and Belarus is 157th.

While Belarus is getting better (up 11 places from last year) Turkey is getting worse, moving down 6 places.

In a statement Reporters Without Borders said “Turkey is currently the worlds biggest prison for journalists, especially those who express views critical of the authorities on the Kurdish issue”

In response Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said “We don’t care about some notes given by some associations” he went on to say “Those institutions’ sources are out of order. We make our decisions on our own.”

This complete disregard for wrongly imprisoned people is absolutely disgraceful and a clear sign that while Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his AK Party stay in power Turkey will never have freedom of speech nor real freedom in general.

There is no way that Turkey can be allowed to join the European Union (EU) and more countries in the EU should be voicing their concerns at Turkey’s EU application.

Turkey, the home of European terrorism

By Leon J Williams

The Global Peace Index 2012 has been released by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP). European nations fared pretty well with Turkey being the worst and 130th globally out of 158 nations.

Iceland was once again the best place in Europe and indeed the world.

Here’s a break down of some of the countries:

1st Iceland
2nd New Zealand
3rd Denmark

29th UK
70th Cuba
77th Greece
88th USA
89th China
128th Iran
130th Turkey
150th Israel
152nd North Korea
153rd Russia
158th Somalia

Full listing can be found here.

Turkey, who some say is in Europe while others say it is part of Asia/the Middle East will no doubt blame the troubles in Syria and the PKK situation for their poor standing in the tables but the AKP government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan must accept its role in failing to resolve issues which effect the safety of their citizens.

It will come as very little surprise after the European Union was awarded the Nobel Peace prize last year that Europe hosts some of the safest places in the world while the Middle East, other Arab countries and the US fared appallingly.

The EU’s Nobel Peace Prize did come under some criticism at the time but hopefully tables like this will help clarify why exactly the prize was awarded.