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Daily Headline – 30/01/13

South Korea launches into space

ROK Naro-1South Korea has successfully launched it’s Naro-1 rocket into space for the first time, on board is a Science and Technology Satellite (STSAT 2C).

Previous attempts by South Korea in 2009 and 2010 both failed.

Last month North Korea launched their Unha-3 rocket into space which was followed by further UN sanctions.

Why is it that two nations who are technically still at war face a situation of complete double standards?
North Korea launches a space rocket, gets more UN sanctions, South Korea launches a space rocket, gets a pat on the back.

Whether we agree or not with North and/or South Korean politics and general way of doing things surely they must be treated in the same way considering their joint history and the fact that both sides over-step the cease fire agreement.

Daily Headline – 29/01/13

Iran follows North Korea into space

Iran space monkey flagIran has launched a rocket carrying a monkey into space, one month after North Korea’s successful launch.

This is not the first time Iran has successfully launched into space, in February 2009 and 2010 Iran had success. It is not thought that anything significant was learnt by Iran nor were any significant new technologies used.

Iran plans to use this experience in their aim of putting a man in space and then setting a manned orbital post by 2020. Which still remains highly ambitious.

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There are 10 nations (not including ESA) that can independently launch into space, can you name them?

God caught red-handed!

By Leon J Williams

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth – Genesis 1:1 The Bible

Your Lord is God Who created the heavens and the earth in six days – The Heights 7:54 The Qur’an

With this drivel in mind it is clear that God has been caught red-handed in the process of making a new planet as astronomers have seen. has announced that astronomers have caught a planet being born at a previously never before seen stage.
Planets being formed right in front of our eyes, no God, no mystery, just science.

Of course no amount of proof, evidence, fact and science will convince religious people that there is no God and everything they believe in is a load of crap but we live in hope!

South Korea cancels rocket launch, lights a tower instead

By Leon J Williams

South Korea has cancelled its latest Naro-1 rocket due to technical difficulties, it would have been the third attempt at putting a Naro-1 into space after two previous failed attempts in 2009 and 2010.

North Korea thinks that because they had a successful rocket launch and the South failed that they have decided to take out their frustration on lighting a ‘Christmas tower’ by the border, scary stuff.

The real question is how comes no-one cares that the South is continually trying to launch rockets when when the North tries it’s ‘illegal’ or highly worrying? Another case of double standards?

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North Korea within range of US missiles

By Leon J Williams

South Korea says today that North Korea is within range of US missiles.

This will come as grave news as the worlds most warring country since WW2 is clearly not afraid to shoot off.

North Korea has recently launched an Earth Observation Satellite (for the weather) while the US continues its Star Wars program a continues threat of global peace.

South Korea is highly concerned that an American attack on the North could kick off a repeat of the 1950’s American led conflict in which they failed to overcome the North Koreans.

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