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Gay Marriage.

Miss That Girl

As I get older I realize how many more opinions I have on well everything really. The first one is gay marriage. (NOTE: I am straight, I do not have anything against gay people.) I don’t understand why anyone has the right to make a decision or a law for another person. What gives you the right to tell someone that they cannot marry the person they love? Because it goes against God? Well if God so nobly created the world and all of its inhabitants then it can be argued that God made them gay… Who was the Bible written by? Not God, but many different people. Because you are a Christian you are better? Well news flash going to church doesn’t make you a Christian. Treating people with respect makes you a Christian. Let’s look back. When the white people treated black people like trash? Remember that? How…

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Gay marriage to be introduced

By Anton

Finally, the British government has decided to once and for all, destroy the sacredness of marriage. This bill will be a great leap forward for Britain, for the government is showing the populace that we no longer cling to the bible. I hope that this deals a great blow to the church, as even in debate the church exposed itself as the homophobic, reactionary organisation that it is.

It’s sickening that this organisation has such a grip on the people.

If we have abandoned Leviticus 18:22, surely we should abandon the patriarchy, misogyny, racist, and stupid laws that result from the bible? I wish this to be the first step, among many, to the decline, and abolition of religion. I do not wish for these revolutionary acts against the reaction to come from the government, I want them to come from the people themselves.
One day our eyes will be opened to the fantasies that we were fed as children, and that are shoved down the throats of our children.

Daily Headline – 27/03/13

Defense of Marriage Act in US supreme court

US gay marriage flagUS gay couples continue their fight to be treated equally with their non-gay counterparts.

The Defense of Marriage Act denies gay couples access to federal benefits under its definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman only which was brought in by Bill Clinton in 1996.

The US Supreme Court is currently deciding whether or not to scrap the law which denies federal benefits to same-sex couples.
Scenes outside the US Supreme Court saw crowds of both pro and anti gay marriage, mostly religious nuts vs progressives.

State laws are being overturned on gay marriage, in California it was legal for same-sex marriage but was overturned after after ‘Proposition 8’ won with 52.24% of the vote.

Supporters of gay marriage are hoping that the US Supreme Court (which works on the federal level rather than state level) will get rid of all bans on same-sex unions nationwide.

Daily Headline – 10/03/13

Queen to sign in anti-discrimination charter

Commonwealth of Nations QE2 flagQueen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Head of State for 16 countries (Commonwealth Realm) and head of the 54 member strong Commonwealth of Nations will swear in a new commonwealth charter today.

The anti-discrimination charter will mean its members oppose “all forms of discrimination, whether rooted in gender, race, colour, creed, political belief or other grounds”

The disappointing part is the “other grounds” which should say ‘sexuality’. It has been suggested that adding anything more specific towards homosexuality could antagonise the numerous homophobic nations within the Commonwealth.

In 5 of the Commonwealth nations (Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, Bangladesh and Guyana) homosexual behaviour can get life in prison and in parts of 2 countries (Nigeria and Pakistan) the death penalty is possible.

So while this is a good move it does fall short of being fully progressive.

Daily Headline – 06/02/13

UK; Gay marriage legalised!

Support gay marriage UKBritish MPs voted in favour of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill by 400 to 175, a majority of 225.

Nearly half of the Conservative party voted against the bill and more Conservatives voted ‘No’ than ‘Yes’.

Who voted ‘No’?

Conservative/Tory 136/306
Liberal Democrats 4/57
Labour 22/258
Green 0/1
Others Unknown

The Roman Catholic church also voiced strong opposition to to the bill.

This clearly shows that the conservative party and religion are out of tune with the people of Britain who overwhelmingly support same-sex marriage.

Yes to equality, no to the Conservatives and no to religion!

Daily Headline – 02/02/13

UK; Gay marriage & too much government interfering

Support gay marriage UKIn the UK gay and lesbian couples cannot get married. Since 2005 they have been able to enter into a ‘civil partnership’ which includes all the same rights as marriage but with a separate name (showing distinction between the two).

As a matter of official party policy most of the main parties in the UK support gay marriage (Lib Dems, Conservative (Tory), Labour and Green support while UKIP doesn’t).

Despite the official line there are many MP’s in government from the Conservative party (Tory party) who oppose same-sex marriage and as they are the main party in power there could be a revolt over the issue.

The real issue is why does the government (any government) insist on interfering with peoples lives? Why can’t we do what we want to do? If two men or two women want to spend their lives together why is that any concern for the state?

Exactly the same can be said for abortion. If someone has an abortion, it doesn’t effect me, it’s the woman’s choice not the governments!

This kind of petty behaviour where governments dictate to us what we can and can’t do is ridiculous and it’s time it stopped!

UK Gay marriage – 62% support

By Leon J Williams

A Guardian ICM poll today has found that 62% of the UK supports legalising gay marriage with 31% opposing it. In March the figures were 45% support it and 36% opposing it (the rest were ‘don’t knows’).

While it is good to see the majority supporting gay marriage it’s still pretty disheartening to think that 31% of the UK doesn’t want to see equality or two people of the same sex being happy together.

Still at least it’s two fingers Archbishop Vincent Nichols who called the governments gay marriage plans ‘undemocratic’ what an arsehole!

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Archbishop calls gay marriage plans a shambles

By Leon J Williams

The Roman Catholic Church’s leader in England and Wales (Vincent Nichols) says government plans for gay marriage are a “shambles”.

In his Christmas Eve sermon he said that marriage between men and women shares in “the creative love of God”.

So it seems as we bring in the new year that the Christians (as with all the other religions) will continue their hatred and persecution of homosexuality through inequality.

Our verdict of Vincent: Arsehole (no pun intended)

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