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Daily Headline – 18/05/13

Afghan Muslims stop ban on violence against women

Religion bin15 minutes into the debate by Afghan politicians on whether or not to ban violence against women and ‘angry scenes’ stopped the proceedings.

Back in 2009 Afghan MP’s opposed a law being passed to ban violence against women, child marriages and forced marriages however the bill was passed by President Karzai using his ‘Presidential decree’.

The BBC quotes:

During the debate, mullahs and other traditionalist MPs accused President Karzai of acting against Islamic Sharia law by signing the decree in the first place, the BBC’s David Loyn reports from Kabul.

In particular, they demanded a change to the law so that men cannot be prosecuted for rape within marriage, our correspondent said.

Islam/Sharia law/religion = a pile of shit


Daily Headline – 05/05/13

7 US troops killed in Afghanistan

Flag draped coffinsYesterday saw 7 US troops killed in Afghanistan which follows 3 British troops killed 5 days ago. Two US soldiers were killed by an Afghan soldier and the rest appear to have been killed by land-mines/roadside bombs.

There seems like no end to the Afghan war despite the casualty list on the ‘allied’ side in 2013 set to be the lowest since 2004. It’s not always easy to to know the impact of such deaths on the general public of the US and UK but their respective electorate must be getting fed up of seeing ‘their boys’ returning in flag-laden coffins.

Spot on casualty figures are hard (impossible) to get especially if you try to take into account the civilian casualties of war.

Costs of War put the current civilian casualty list at somewhere below 20,000 (that’s from start to now, 2001-2013). However the Guardian reckon up to 20,000 could have been killed just in the first 4 months!

According to iCasualties so far there have been 2215 US military fatalities, 444 UK military fatalities and 640 other military fatalities.

As the war continues, so do the fatalities.

The morality of arms dealership


Throw out the notion that the west want peace. Even thinking so is laughable. Do you know how much it would cost to end world hunger?
30 billion dollars a year. Sounds like a lot, until you realise that’s how much is spent on the military every 8 days.
They pay their taxes, and some remote drone takes out a warlord in a public market to protect the west’s interest. It’s not sick to arm people, it’s sick to bump off their leader in your own interest and call it ‘international justice.’

What’s worse: selling handheld radios or weapons?
These workers in arms factories, they’re unionised, right? You think a child working in a sweat shop in Bangladesh pulls 40 hour week and 40 grand a year?
Men have this idea that we can fight with dignity, that there’s a proper way to kill someone. It’s absurd. It’s anesthetic; we need it to endure the bloody horror of murder. When you realise that the arms dealer is the same as the radio salesman, your concept of morals goes towards that of Nietzsche. Either way it’s just business, doing what men have been doing for thousands of years- trading one thing for another.
Against the drone, the AK-47 is the great equaliser.

Daily Headline – 25/02/13

Afghanistan; more claims of US torture

Afghanistan US torture flagLocals have reported that 9 people have gone ‘missing’ and some are being tortured by US elite forces in the Afghan province of Maidan Wardak.

Of course the US has denied the allegations but Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said that there is sufficient evidence for the claims and has told the US to withdraw its troops from the province within two weeks.

One of the most memorable acts of US brutality and barbarism in Afghanistan came in early 2010 when innocent civilians were deliberately targeted and murdered. The squadron were arrested after photographs of them posing with the murdered civilians came into the public domain.

The US military has a long history of human rights breaches and indiscriminate murder from VietNam and Korea right up to present day Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo.