UK tories cutting social security

We pay into the tax system when we are working and when times are tough we have a small part of that tax held for when we need it, social security.

From the Socialist Party (UK)

Tories make the poor pay say Socialists as benefits cap is introduced

Paula Mitchell, Socialist Party London regional secretary said: “This is yet another demonstration of the Tories obsessional hatred of working class and poor people. Instead of getting people into work by creating jobs they are forcing some of the poorest people in society into destitution. Up to 40,000 households will now face the prospect of not being able to pay the rent or buy food.

The government claims that this is in the name of “changing a culture” and putting an end to “days of blank cheques”. It’s a shame that they have never applied these principle to the bankers who caused the economic crisis in the first place who have had plenty of blank cheques written for them in the form of huge bail outs.

Unfortunately the Labour Party is too busy attacking trade unionists to put up any real opposition. They accept the same logic as the Tories of kowtowing to big business.

This is why Bob Crow made the call for a new party at the weekend. In the elections next year, hundreds of trade unionists, socialists and ordinary working people, fed up with Labour’s inability to stand up for us, will be standing candidates in the elections under the banner of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

In order to end worklessness and poverty a government would have to unroll a programme of public works in order to create real jobs. The money is there – if big companies aren’t prepared to invest, they should be nationalised under democratic control.

We call for the trade union movement to work alongside unemployed activists and anti-cuts campaigners to build a mass movement against austerity. A 24 hour general strike should be the next step in the campaign against the ConDemolition of our rights and living standards.”

2 thoughts on “UK tories cutting social security

  1. Tonn

    Yes, those darn capitalists trying to make it so that people on benefits don’t receive more than the average wage.

    The are children and workers throughout the world crying out at the injustice that people in the uk’s benefits are limited to £26,000 a year. Unite, workers of China, Brazil and Mexico!unite against the greatest injustice workers have ever been forced to endure!

  2. Leon J Williams Post author

    Yes, those darn capitalists trying to make it so that people on benefits don’t receive more than the average wage.

    This makes no sense…

    The £26,000 social security cap is for families (households) not individuals. With that in mind it has no bearing on the national average wage.

    The average UK salary according to the latest figures is around £28,000 (just to clarify that’s per person) that would make a family (household) income of £56,000.

    The reality is a family, even a small one (two adults and one child) would struggle to pay their rent/mortgage/bills/food/etc even on the maximum allowance of £26,000.

    This policy shows absolutely no understanding let alone sympathy of life at the bottom.


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