The Orange Order

By Barry Mellows

Oppose the Orange Order because you are not Sectarian.

The Orange Order’s foundations were laid in the “Peep O’ Day Boys” . This was a Protestant Organisation set up to retaliate against perceived injustices laid upon the Protestant man. The name “Peep O’Days” was derived from their attacks upon Catholics in the pursuit of arms, occurring between nightfall and dawn. As those perceived to be persecuting them were also Protestant their grievances were soon quelled and thus the “Peep O’Days” evolved in to an organisation solely committed to ethnically cleansing Ulster from Catholics. The infamous notice they placed on the doors of Catholic tenancies read :

“To hell or to Connaught with you, you bloody Papists! and if you are not gone by the morrow we will come and destroy yourselves and your properties. We all hate the Papists here.”

Henry Joy McCracken first came to the attention of the British as a result of his efforts to unify the Defenders and Peep O’Days under the banner of the United Irish Men. He was Gaoled for these efforts at political unity.

To break up the possible union and protect the sectarian divisions necessary to keep Ireland occupied, the British then scare-mongered the Protestant ascendancy by propagating falsehoods such as Catholics about to assume power in Ireland etc, They also set up organisations which linked State and Union with Protestant faith and fervor.

The “Peep O’Days” were infiltrated and connived to resume their attacks on Catholics, the defenders resumed their defense but this time each defender action was Publicised effectively as a “Catholic perpetrated atrocity” The Strategy was to create a siege mentality and manipulate protestant fears enough to lead them to committing a massacre and thereby undermine the United Irish men’;s efforts at unity.

The intended Massacre arrived in Loughgal on the 21st September 1795 where the Peep O’ Days murdered up to 30 Catholics in what was published as “The Battle of the Diamond” but it had been preceeded by dozens of grizley sectarian murders upon innocent Catholics.

As the Battle of the Diamond clearly represented a stark degeneration in to genocidal tendency, to protect the Peep O’Days the Protestant ascendancy – Judges etc, called a meeting that night and formed the mother lodge of the Orange Society, this would protect the sectarian murderers of the Peep O’Days on the condition they continued their sectarian murder campaign to break the United Irish mens efforts at unity.

The Orange order was founded to protect sectarian murderers from a murder gang, and encourage them to commit more sectarian murder. The murdering of Catholics enshrines sectarianism and prevents Irish Men from uniting. This consolidates a union with Britain that is fastened with the blood of our people.

1795 seems along time ago until you recall 1998 and the LVF being Protected by the DUP and Orange Order, and little boys being burned to death in Ballymoney.

This is the history the Orange Order “Celebrates”. Oppose it.

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