Gay marriage to be introduced

By Anton

Finally, the British government has decided to once and for all, destroy the sacredness of marriage. This bill will be a great leap forward for Britain, for the government is showing the populace that we no longer cling to the bible. I hope that this deals a great blow to the church, as even in debate the church exposed itself as the homophobic, reactionary organisation that it is.

It’s sickening that this organisation has such a grip on the people.

If we have abandoned Leviticus 18:22, surely we should abandon the patriarchy, misogyny, racist, and stupid laws that result from the bible? I wish this to be the first step, among many, to the decline, and abolition of religion. I do not wish for these revolutionary acts against the reaction to come from the government, I want them to come from the people themselves.
One day our eyes will be opened to the fantasies that we were fed as children, and that are shoved down the throats of our children.

5 thoughts on “Gay marriage to be introduced

  1. Alexander

    Wow. I understand that there’s a lot of aggression (to put it lightly) directed towards gays from the church, but stating that the organisation is “sickening” and asking for the “abolition of religion” is exactly what they’ve been doing to homosexuals.
    They’ve already started losing the battle, don’t make gays look like the bad guys.

    From one of many homosexual catholics

  2. Alexander

    I am catholic because of my beliefs in God and the basic (I cannot stress the word “basic” enough) morals of the bible, but this doesn’t mean I support the church.
    Hatred towards homosexuals is mostly the fault of people and how they chose to interpret scriptures from thousands of years ago in such a literal and dehumanising way, without regard for the fact that those words were written by humans rather than directly from God.
    The blame falls upon the human beings at the heads of these organisations (not just Catholicism), rather than the religion itself.
    I wouldn’t even go as far as to say the fault lies with the church as a whole, as there are some (and albeit small) catholic churches which are fighting for such stated equality from within the organisation itself.

    The church does need to drastically loosen it’s grip on the world and also heavily review what it is stated to stand for, but slating the religion itself is also slating its millions of followers; many of whom are actually fighting on your side.

    1. Leon J Williams

      Believing in God and the basics of the Bible doesn’t make you a Catholic. Why not another denomination of Christianity? Or pretty much any other religion, the basics are all pretty much the same.
      Some other denominations of Christianity support homosexuality.

      Also please note that I am not the author of the post.

    2. Anton Post author

      I am the author of this post, by the way.

      What I have got from your comments is that you believe in a sort of ‘sugar coated’ Christianity. Or more precisely, christianity without the nasty bits. We do not need religion to have morals, and we can still follow the teachings of the bible (the nice ones) without actually believing in it literally. For example, the Ten commandments are generally good moral guidelines (don’t kill, steal, etcetera.).


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