By Anton

We go to school, go to further education et cetera, then we get a job. We have to wake up at 7 to the sound of an alarm clock, have breakfast, drink, shit, piss, drive, walk or get the bus to work, stay there for eight hours, making a rich man richer, then go home, and at the end of the month get your wages so you can continue the process for another month.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. We try to force change through protests, but all protests do is show our disdain for the situation. Protests achieve nothing, they, at best, inconvenience a few bourgeois. if we want change we must forcefully demand it. We must stop seeing the police as our allies as they will undoubtedly do there job, which is protecting the bourgeoisie. We must understand that rocks and molotov cocktails are the instruments of change.

But all this change will do is make the cycle less harsh, in reality it will be the same cycle.
To truly break the cycle and live as free human beings, we must break capitalism.

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