Britain and Austerity

By Anton

Capitalism has divided us, and it’s done it with spectacular results. Cameron has shifted the public worry from the economic hardships to immigrants. In fact, we can see the more shit they get us in, the more shit the immigrants get. Of course, in times of trouble, the ruling classes will attempt to divert the masses anger towards a scapegoat, whether it is an ethnic minority, a religious minority, or, in Britain’s case- the lumpen proletariat.
The daily mail began its relentless campaign on those on benefits, often picking those who represent the worst of the lumpen proletariat, and then demand the destruction of the welfare state. But what happens when Cameron runs out of people to blame? He’s blamed the poor, the people on benefits, the immigrants and the disabled.
I would like to say the British people would not stand by whilst their beloved welfare state is cut up and handed to Cameron’s chums, but so far I’ve seen little resistance.

8 thoughts on “Britain and Austerity

  1. lexborgia

    Little resistance: it’s called the ‘middle class.’ That’s the buffer zone they always use, that lot who gets their egos stroked to believe they’re just a step away from the elite and eager to protect what they have against the so called have not below; it’s worked for centuries.

  2. Leon J Williams

    Indeed there has been little resistance, especially when compared to fellow European nations like Portugal, Greece and Spain which have seen huge protests and riots against the constant attacks on the working class and lumpen.
    In the UK, is the middle class a bigger section of society than the working class? Or is this a result of the new class system we apparently find ourselves in with 7 classes, all divided.

    1. Anton Post author

      Is the middle class bigger? No! The middle class can’t outnumber the working class as proletarians will always be the largest class.

    2. lexborgia

      It’s not about sheer numbers, it’s about public projection. Everything we see in the paper and on television is a projection of the vanities of the elite; celebrity television, celebrity advertising, credit cards that give the Illusion that you can also can have the good life, news and entertainment parroting and upholding the system of ‘the haves.’ If the working class ever attempted a revolution, the police, the law(servants of the elite and wannabe elite middle class) would crush them. The system is rigged, but it can be toppled at the cost of blood, which noone is willing to shed, believing that their piece of the pie isn’t far away or out of simple fear to be arrested for inciting violence/treason. How many upper class or elites pay penalties or go to prison, in spite of commiting the greatest crimes – stealing all the wealth by legal means? None. Any attempt at Fairness is labelled as communism/socialism and the very people who suffer under the System believe the way to redemption to be false/evil. A planet of fearful fools.

      1. Anton Post author

        I’m going to paraphrase Marx here, as I take it you’re a left communist.
        “The ideas of the ruling class are in every epoch the ruling ideas, i.e. the class which is the ruling material force of society, is at the same time its ruling intellectual force. The class which has the means of material production at its disposal, has control at the same time over the means of mental production, so that thereby, generally speaking, the ideas of those who lack the means of mental production are subject to it.”

        So what we need to do as socialists is to follow the kautskyian theory of ‘educate, agitate, organise’, and combat the bourgeois propaganda. False conscienceness is rife, so we must do our best to disprove it.

      2. lexborgia

        Hear hear, echoes of the manifesto. Still, a tough sell, while greed, not Fairness, is the driving force of human endeavour, and those whom we elect to balance the scale fall, to agitate and educate in the public sphere have proven themselves unworthy. A gradual Change is no longer possible, only total Revolution. Universities, Schools etc don’t educate anymore, they condition future workers to become labour and intellectual slaves. A banker steals all our Money and the power Brokers take the rest from us and give it to him to lend us back; we pay the loan to him plus the interest he charges. Appalling. I’m not a communist, socialist or capitalist, all I want is Fairness and equality, that the same rules apply to all, a planet without Money or classes. Is this possible? To be honest; I want Revolution, and Retribution.

      3. Anton Post author

        Capitalism is a labour camp- we’re forced to work or we die. We are forced to work for food, but this force is not physical like that of a guard. We are forced to economically. In capitalism, the paper that has an occult value is more effective at controlling the populace than the rifle.
        The worst thing is, most people don’t know we’re in a labour camp, and a small handful of us can’t overpower the guards and smash the walls to atoms.

        Are you a left comm?

      4. lexborgia

        ‘A small number of us.’- that’s the key Phrase; only a few of us are enlightened while the others are house slaves with Access to Massa’s Liquor cabinet. Whenever I take a test the result always show me to be a leftist(socialist), but I resist labels, something we don’t need as human-beings; we need enlightenment, but my vote(a sham) will still always go to the left, the lesser evil, usually(times long past). I believe in the principles of Marx, yes, but I’m not a Marxist, and neither was he – same way Jesus wasn’t a Christian. Maybe I’m an Anarchist, but even that the People don’t understand, mistaking it to mean chaos.

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