The poor man

By Odysseus

A man steals money to buy some bread as he is hungry. He is arrested, beaten and jailed. The man is released a few years later. The man is still poor and in the same situation as he was before. Armed men kick in the door of his decrepit dwelling, telling the poor man that he needs to give them money, or he will be taken away.
But the poor man has no money, it is all gone. He spends his money on rent and water, and what little left over he has I spent on food. And the robbery is justified using those same, old, horrible words- ‘for reasons of state’.

The man has to give what little he has to those whom oppressed, exploited and kept him in these conditions. The man has to give his last material possessions to a system that is regulated exploitation. Remember the story of the man, as it may become your story too.

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