The immorality of capitalism.

By Anton

The capitalists are only concerned about one thing: money. They live the life they do because they have ruthlessly exploited others. The need to exploit more and to get more and more raw materials and wealth led to imperialism, and the aristocracy of the imperialist countries lived even more lavishly than before.

We see on the news that Africa is poor. Africa has a minority who have a vast amount of wealth because of foreign backers. These people are willing to allow imperialism to steal Africa’s natural resources.
Africa is not poor, Africa is being looted.

I may have digressed a little, and for that I apologise. A very small number of people have billions in their banks, live in opulence. Every $1 in their account is a dollar that is taken away from another. Will they spend that money? Do they need that money? No.

We must understand that the earth has enough resources for us all to live in abundance without damaging it, but we accept this society where a small few control over 80% of the wealth as the natural order of things.

For every one man who lives in luxury, leaves many more in poverty through his greed.

Opulence is sinful, and we all pay for it.

3 thoughts on “The immorality of capitalism.

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  2. Michael Mignogna

    Africa is not capitalist, so you can’t blame capitalism. Read what capitalism is before you bash it. Consider the good it has done before you champion socialism, or collectivism. Look at history.

  3. Anton

    Capitalism, like socialism, must be a world system. In Africa I see a minority owning the modes of production (usually foreign imperialists) and private property. I do not see serfdom, or monarchs, so please tell me how this is not capitalism.


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