The future…

By Leon J Williams

As the economic crises deepens and businesses continue to go under some workers are banding together, taking over their workplace and keeping production going.

The bakers keep baking, the teachers keep teaching and the doctors keep healing.

As people start to run out of money due to the dire finance and banking situation these new worker run businesses continue, in free exchange with each other.

The teacher goes to the baker and gets what they need, the baker’s children go to school and get educated etc.

The industries that these worker businesses belong to continue to be regulated to ensure high standards, some people call the regulators unions, some call them coregs which comes from cooperative regulators.
Either way they are groups made up of representatives within the industry.

For example, there are 300 universities in a society, society is divided up into 50 suitable geographic areas, the universities from each geographic area send 1 person to be part of the coreg, these representatives must be experts in their field.

Some problems rose, some people who did not contribute to society and living with the old greed mentality would go to a new worker business and take, for example, 5 televisions, one for every room in their home, meaning when other people went to the business there are no televisions left, or not enough to go round.

So, a new system was introduced, the social contract.

To be part of this new society, people would have to agree to a certain set of rules:

No individual can force another individual to do something against their will.

A person must be ‘contributing’ to society in order to receive the benefits of the society.

Contributing means being one of the following:

Employed (in a worker business)
In education

All self-employed people and workers businesses must belong to a worker regulatory body (coreg).

Employment cannot be denied to anyone who agrees to this social contract. This does not mean that an uneducated person can become a brain surgeon, if a person wants to do this job they must become qualified to do so but if, for example, a person wants to become a baker, they can go to their local bakery or regional bakery organisers and seek a suitable placement to be trained on the job.

Food example:

Mutual aid
The benefits to being part of this new society are a set of guarantees:

A home

The future is in our hands, take control!

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