From slaves to proletarians

By Anton

Things evolve. The ape into the man, the dinosaur into the bird, and so on; slavery has also evolved and adapted.

The whip has been replaced by lowered wages, and the motive to work has changed from not getting food to not getting money. Slavery with a human face, to say (I’m sure we’re all familiar with the socialism with a human face of the cold war).
The enemy is a clever and cunning one as they have convinced us that we are free, that we are not slaves. As before, one can accumulate enough money to buy their freedom.

But what are the differences between slaves and proletarians? The slave sold himself once. Once he was sold, he was guaranteed shelter, food, et cetera.
The proletarian sells themselves hourly and daily, and is not guaranteed work, or food, or shelter.
You are a slave, I am a slave, we are slaves; the only way to end our slavery to the bourgeoisie is to smash the system that enforces the slavery upon us- capitalism.

Go and read Bakunin, Kropotkin, Marx, Engels, Berkman and all the other brilliant leftists out there, and realise the exploitation that is going on around you.

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