The abolition of money

By Anton

Capitalism has lowered the masses to the point where they have to sell themselves to survive. Rich people have the commodities and money they have either through inheritance or exploitation, and their father, grandfather or whoever they got the money from would have exploited people ‘lower’ than him to get that money.

A common argument of those among or brainwashed by the bourgeoise against anarchism (or communism, socialism et cetera) is that with the abolition of money (which they claim is the sole thing that motivates people) people will not work. So, why do we work? For money is the simple answer, but let us go deeper. What to we use money for? We use money to buy commodities, to buy food, to pay the bills or the rent or the mortgage.

But in an anarchist society, there is no money; money has been abolished. Why does one work then? Let us say you require a coat, for whatever reason, and your job in your area is, let’s say, a shoemaker. You go up to the tailor, and say:
“Please may you make me a coat. Here are my measurements. I would like it to be x, y and z.”
What does the tailor say? Does he say “no, I do not need to work, I have my food, I have my house, I’m happy.”?
No, the tailor is wearing shoes (I would hope so anyway).
Whom made the tailor them shoes? You.

The tailor makes you a coat because without you, he would not have shoes. By abolishing money, we are removing exploitation, corruption, and quite frankly an unnecessary process in acquiring commodities. In an anarchist society, one would be free to do whatever they wished, as long as an act did not harm others or their liberty.

2 thoughts on “The abolition of money

  1. david strachan

    [ would love to see a wold with out money,the more we talk about it to other people,and help them understand it, the more they can maybe come to realise the beneffits, no matter what the conflict ,take the money out the out of it, there would be no conflict im all for a free non for profit wourld , but the rest of the world is to blind or brainwashed to grab at the idea we need a big change


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