Daily Headline – 01/03/13

South African police under fire again

South African police flagThe police force in South Africa is once again under heavy scrutiny after the latest horrific act carried out by its personnel.

Now we all know that all cops are complete bastards but the South African police make those in the UK look like saints…

South African police, in the streets of Johannesburg, as numerous members of the public looked on in horror tied a Mozambican taxi driver to a police van and dragged him the 500 metres to the police station. He died some time later that day of internal bleeding and head injuries.

Other recent events

Recently in the Oscar Pistorius case the leading officer was taken off the case due to 7 pending counts of attempted murder on his file. Oscar’s brother is also due in court for killing a woman with his car.

South African police murdered numerous mine workers in a pay dispute.

Police and those in authority will never work to ‘Protect and Serve’ the people, it’s a fallacy, a myth, an outright lie.

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