Daily Headline – 21/02/13

Today, 165 years ago in 1848, the manifesto of the communist party was published.
Communist Manifesto
This book should not be taken as a holy one, as Marxism is a science, and like any other science, needs to be updated and adapted when new evidence or new factors and variables appear. If one was to read this historical document (which it has become) they would see it in complete opposition to the USSR and it’s satellite states, as Marx and Engels were exiled due to censorship of the press and an oppressive government.

We must take the parts that are still relevant, adapting or updating if necessary, those that are unable to be updated to our present world must be thrown into the rubbish bin of history. Maybe it is time to write a 21st century communist manifesto.

5 thoughts on “Daily Headline – 21/02/13

  1. Liberty of Thinking

    Marx and Engels, amongst many other were my reading favourites as I became a teenager in Ceausescu’s regime. They helped me see the rottenness of both ends, represented for us by the North Atlantic and the Warsaw alliances. I ended up in my 20s being told to quietly leave a political school I started, because my views were, uhm,.. uhm… too Marxist for a dictatorship which used the flag, but not the heart of it. After the 1989 events, when I took an open stand against the emerging next mythocracy, the same “comrades” who successfully maintained 40 years of oppression, came to question my unwillingness to accept what they were trying so badly to sell as the long awaited “democracy”…
    The problem with noble ideals is that they are left to ignoble people to carry them out…


  2. Anton

    Too Marxist for a ‘workers state’ eh? It’s fairly obvious if you read Marx and Engels that these eastern bloc countries weren’t socialist at all.
    Thanks rom.
    How old we’re you when the bastard was shot? Do you prefer life now or before?

  3. Liberty of Thinking

    Hi Anton
    I was 27.
    Interesting question, too complex to respond in a limited space…
    Nevertheless, I remember Romania’s golden era, which was up to the late 70s, when we were truly proud for our country’s refuse to let the soviet army in… Unfortunately, at that time, the stalinist and IMF subversions were under way, with the results seen in 89.
    I’ve been an idealist always, unfortunately realistic, too… Theoreticians like myself hardly grab the flag, as we know the ones who follow… They’ll switch flags for whosoever offers a bigger sausage. It’s not their fault. They’ve been degraded to their condition… That was Trotsky’s fatal mistake…
    As I said before, I’ve lost confidence in anything human, enjoying though the presence of the few I am in touch with…

    1. Anton

      That is very interesting, and I will think upon that. Me, I believe in the power of human will. Some humans are greedy scum, and vile monsters. Others are amazing human beings, and usually do not get the praise they deserve

      1. Liberty of Thinking

        My friend, I do wholeheartedly agree with your last and before last statements.
        As for the second statement, I do believe you are one of those mentioned in the first part of your last statement:-)
        As a matter of fact I even venture saying that I also believe in the power of human will…
        The realist sartreist in me though, fears that not to be enough anymore against the accumulated power of the few.
        Something monstrous is being brewed by them, and I haven’t got the courage to allow my prophetic imagination go wild, for guessing the next chapter(s)…

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