The ‘evils of capitalism’

By George Volkov

We often hear about the ‘evils of communism’, the gulags, the purges, Stalin, Mao’s famine, evil north Korea, etc.

What we don’t hear about are the evils of capitalism, the system which distributes wealth so unevenly, even in our first world countries. I shall skip the part about the layer of ultra-rich scum on the top who live off others labour, and go straight on to the problems.
10 million children die each year due to poverty in capitalist countries. That’s 200 million since 1993, sure dwarfs the exaggerated total of the 100 million that ‘communism’ killed. Whilst the richest 240 people could end world poverty and hunger 4 times over. I’m not denying or condoning the atrocities committed by Stalin, Mao, and the Kim family, I’m merely stating that you have only heard 1 side of the story. I’m here to show you the evils of capitalism, and we can replace it with a much more egalitarian system. Look at the Paris commune or 1936 Spain if you want our society, look at 1918 Russia, where the workers ran their factories.
Just think on that.

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