A system of exploitation

By George Volkov

Don’t you see it? The exploitation? Fools!
We are in a recession, the capitalists lent more money than they had in a greedy attempt to accumulate more capital. ‘everyone is having their pay frozen’ claim the brainwashed, those who believe what the coots lost media tell you. Well, let’s look at how the rich are doing, whilst we are suffering for the crisis they caused: directors of the FTSE 100 – the top 100 British companies – saw their incomes rise by an average of 49 per cent last year.
‘Tighten our belts’, they shout, whilst rolling in their wealth. Look at the super rich, those who make billions a year. Take apple for example: why do we live in a world where it is acceptable for one man to make billions a year, yet pay those who produce the products the bare minimum, cooping them in horrible conditions?
You, the workers, those who make everything, those who without, society would collapse, get the amount to make you happy. You have these electronics, these commodities to distract you from this exploitative system. Why is so much of the wealth owned by so few?

Inform your friends of the parasitic nature of the rich, the bourgeoisie! Unite with your fellow proletarians, those who sell their labour to survive! Grab a red flag, a rifle, and your comrades! Organise into workers councils! Push your unions for a general strike and see this system collapse, because you are not working, and the so called wealth creators are panicking. On the ruins of this system of exploitation, we shall have a society where you, the workers run the world, the means of production!

Rise up and take what should be ours!

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