Daily Headline – 27/01/13

French & Malian troops push North

France Mali fighting Islamic terrorismFrance and the government of Mali continue to work together and liberate occupied parts of the North of Mali.

The majority of the North of Mali is still occupied illegally by Islamic militants enforcing strict Islamic rules on the people living there.

France and Mali have liberated the so called stronghold city of Gao which sits just inside the occupied Northern area,

Troops will now push on to Timbuktu with estimates of how long this war will continue currently at about 2 weeks providing once the French troops pull out and return home that Malian government troops and African Union (AU) troops can stop the Islamic militants from returning.

One thing that has been short of in the media in relation to this conflict is the current cost to civilian lives. There were some reports of abuses by Malian government forces on some of the Islamic civilians but it seems there is no civilian casualty list.

What’s happening in Mali?

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