Y’know what really f***s me off?

By Leon J Williams

When Americans talk about politics. There are cries of Obama is a Communist/Socialist because of the health care plan or Obama is a dictator, he will take our liberty/freedom with gun control etc.

Americans on Europe; Europe is Socialist, that’s why their economy is so bad etc.

I mean are these people fucking morons? Obama is at best centralist and Europe is also generally centralist also the EU has a bigger GDP than the US!

F*** off!

6 thoughts on “Y’know what really f***s me off?

  1. Liberty of Thinking

    Dear Leon,

    In a short reply to your “I mean are these people fucking morons?” I would have to deffinitely say NO, simply because the word “moron” means “carrots” in Welsh, and your sentence would be an offence to them. I mean to the carrots…


  2. George volkov

    “Do you know Stalin killed 20 million/billion/trillion people”
    “and how does that disprove Ricardo’s labour theory of value?”
    “what? I’ve never heard of that before. It’s slave labour in communist china. Err… Mao was a dictator, err, we won the cold war.”
    “and that answers my question how?”

    Bloody yanks.

  3. Liberty of Thinking

    You will LOVE this one: Many years ago I was assistant worship leader in an American sort of neo-evangelical church in Budapest. The worship leading pastor came to me with a long face after returning from his holidays in the US, and said, “Rom, you won’t believe this. I waited all summer long to back to the US and buy myself a pair of real, I mean REAL , Made in USA, from the USA, Nike sport shoes, not some cheap Chinese imitations from Budapest. I bought them right before leaving, from an official Nike shop for a smaller fortune, and brought them in their box over here. Today, when I put them on for the first time, I just noticed a label inside… Made in China… I can’t believe… I can’t…”

    So much for the carrots…


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