5 thoughts on “Guess the missing word!

  1. Liberty of Thinking

    1-…under the glorious guidance of GentleLeader, the secret reversal of Earth’s poles, and thus the sinking of wicked South into the soft arm(ie)s of forever unmovable North!
    2-If, due to imperialism’s cunning counter-plans, this won’t work, they’ll just roll the globe over, altogether!
    3-There’s no Three! Enough has it been to tolerate Two, until the Glorious ONE has finally happened!


    1. Liberty of Thinking

      …the development of a secret cold fusion reactor, fuelled by their population’s love for THE Leader😉
      Meanwhile, a secret treaty has been signed with an American based, subversive operations specialised cell leader (code name: Ahmed the Dead Terrorist) in case anyone would attempt to infiltrate the reactor… Contact person, Jeff Dunham…
      The People’s Supreme Council has decided to build a reactor based on hot fusion technology, because filthy, perverse imperialist propaganda has already speculated about a possible link between the cold(ness) of fusion and the people’s love for THE Leader, which is utterly impossible given the country’s Equatorial climate ushered in by the Equator’s self-shift through THE Leader’s office. This is, according to state television, a living proof of the Nature’s profound respect for its Creator, Sustainer and Supreme Lord/Leader!
      The new reactor will be named after the People’s Party’s doctrinal core, “Con-Few-Shun”…


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