Taro Aso; elderly “Hurry up and die”

By Leon J Williams

The right-wing Taro Aso is the former Japanese Prime Minister who currently holds duel posts as Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister of Japan.

He has said today that he wants Japan’s elderly to “hurry up and die” and that they are costing the government too much money in medical costs.

Japan has seen it’s GDP place fall from 2nd in the world to 3rd recently after 20 years of a stagnant economy leading to great political pressure to turn things around.

As Taro Aso is right-wing he wants to cut any government funding to help its ageing population, he even went as far as to say that elderly people should feel guilty for taking government money for health reasons.

The right-wing are the same in every country, the privileged class, wealthy, selfish and generally inhumane people.

2 thoughts on “Taro Aso; elderly “Hurry up and die”

  1. Liberty of Thinking

    Right, it looks like I should start my long walk over to the North Pole’s ice- fields, for the utter delight of some polar bears. And I must leave now, as transportation is also expensive, so it’ll take quite a time to walk, swim etc. My one concern is to die on my way, thus having failed my mission to feed the bears. I should write a letter to that idiot, asking him to impose some penalty on such a waste… I mean me…

    Take care Leon, and stay young!



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