Nearly 200 million out of work

By Leon J Williams

The number of jobless people worldwide is on the increase.

It has risen by 4 million in 2012 bringing the total to 197 million which is expected to increase further this year and the coming years according to the UN.

It is clear from the situation we are in that something must be done, and fast. The real problem is that Capitalism is incapable of eradicating unemployment. The only country today that can claim to have ‘0’ unemployment (according to the CIA world factbook for 2012) is North Korea (DPRK) and the only former countries that obtained ‘0’ unemployment were also Communist (such as the German Democratic Republic, GDR or DDR in German).

Full employment (under Capitalism) or full social participation (under Anarchism/Communism) must be considered essential. All people must be able to earn a living, that is to say that all people must be allowed the means to not just survive but ‘live’

Capitalism doesn’t and can’t provide this, this leaves only one answer, Capitalism must be abolished!

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