Kurdish activists murdered in Paris

By Leon J Williams

News is filtering through the media of three female Kurdish activists being murdered in Paris.

One of the murdered is Sakine Cansiz a co-founder of the Kurdish separatist group the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

The other two are:
Fidan Dogan a Paris representative of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNC) political group and Leyla Soylemez a diplomatic relations junior activist.

For more details click here.

Who murdered them and why?

Initial suspicions will undoubtedly point to the Turkish government who have been at war with the PKK for 25 years and have been known in the past to murder people who disagree with the government such as journalists and communists.

On the 1st of January the Turkish government announced that it was in talks with imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah öcalan after admitting that they couldn’t defeat the PKK.

Is this a sign that the Turkish government is turning to more desperate measures?

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