UK government trying to blackmail the EU

By Leon J Williams

British Prime Minister David Cameron has said he will block Eurozone attempts to strengthen the Euro through greater unity if the EU doesn’t agree to its demands to allow the UK to go back on its treaty agreement.

Any powers or authority the European Union has over its member states was agreed to by those member states and in turn a treaty or amendment signed by all members.

The UK seems to want to stand in the way of unity and stability in Europe, continue to have a say and tell the EU what to do while simultaneously not going along with any of the agreements, talk about ‘have you cake and eat it’!

Europe with the EU should decide and make up their mind who is in and who is out, if you’re out then shut up, if you’re in, you have to abide by the rules you create and agree, no opt-outs, no moaning about ‘powers’ just constructive debate.

I’m sure that the EU as well as the British public are getting fed-up of the UK’s behaviour and attitude (whether pro or against the EU) have your referendum on EU membership once and for all so in or out there will be no longer be any need for whining and the never-ending negative British press.


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