I’d like to drop my trousers to the queen!

By George Volkov

The British monarchy goes against every democratic principle. The royal family was not elected, and we can’t hold them accountable at the elections. We can’t vote them out after 5 years if they abuse their privileges, or simply waste our money that we are forced to give them. Rather than stick to these feudalistic ideals, we kick the Windsors out of power, stop giving them £200,000,000 a year, and maybe follow the examples of Robespierre and Cromwell.

What family needs 200 million pounds to survive, yet offers nothing in return. Defenders of this archaic principle say the royal family cost us 40 million, but this is released by the royal family, who are not bound by the freedom of information act. Now, these monarchists claim the royal Family gives is 200 million pounds a year, through “their” land they “allow” us to rent. But this land shouldn’t belong to the royal family anyway. This means the royal family are tax-evading parasites. If any other family leached off the tax payer for their whole life (so essentially benefits), there would be outrage- when they cost us £200 million a year, then the government would have to feel the wraith of the British public, who are angry that their tax money is going to people who buy £1,000,000 hats, then wear it, whilst giving a speech on austerity and sacrifice.

The dictatorial powers that the monarch has are the following:

Royal Prerogative: Royal powers that allow the Prime Minister to declare war or sign treaties (amongst other things) without a vote in Parliament.
•The Privy Council: A body of advisors to the monarch, now mostly made up of senior politicians, which can enact legislation without a vote in Parliament.
•The Crown-in-Parliament: The principle, which came about when parliament removed much of the monarch’s power, by which Parliament can pass any law it likes – meaning our liberties can never be guaranteed.

See: www.republic.org.uk for more details

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