ACA’s The Underground welcomes in 2013

We’ve had 124 views and 47 visitors in the 9 days since ACA’s The Underground (TU) has been revived till now, the end of 2012.

It’s a nice start and we hope to go from strength to strength, there has been interest from several people in regards to writing for the publication which I am sure will start happening from January.

TU will continue to highlight the failings of the political elite around the world and how they neither have the will nor the capability to work in the interests of the working class, especially while they are in the pockets of the corporate world. TU will also endeavour to open discussions and debate on alternatives to the current failures in a non-dogmatic way.

We don’t claim to be right, we are just ordinary people who have ideas, make mistakes, learn, reassess our ideas and move forward, this means that we do not necessarily adhere to a certain, concrete ideology. All ideologies have flaws and taking a dogmatic approach makes no sense at all.

We’ll do all this with a wry sense of humour!

Happy New Year!

The Underground

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