The UK & the rise of the far-right

By Leon J Williams

Opinion polls are showing the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) at an all time high, according to Opinium/Observer with 15%.

As clearly shown by UK Polling Report in their article ‘The ups and downs of UKIP‘ all of the major pollsters have shown UKIP increasing in the ratings, mostly at the cost of the Liberal Democrats (Lib Dems) and reasons for this and their ‘successes’ in a couple of local polls.

So the current polls show:

Labour – 39
Conservatives – 29
UKIP – 15
Lib Dems – 8

So a coalition could be on the cards for the 2015 General Election though a Conservative/LibDem one is looking increasingly unlikely.


Why were UKIP the party to profit from the demise of the Lib Dems and the Anti-Labour vote?
The Lib Dems have lost most of their vote due to going against everything they stood for in the last election and labour lost the election because of bad financial management and warmongering. Labour have regained some of their losses but not all of them.
There are many parties in the UK and outside of the old main three parties there remains three in the ‘second tier’ two far-right parties, the BNP and UKIP and one left-wing party, the Green Party of England & Wales.

I suspect that the BNP failed to capitalise due to the extremeness of their policies and blatant fascism and the Green Party failed to capitalise because they didn’t criticise the European Union (EU) enough.

UKIP must be opposed at all times and on all fronts, they do not and should not be allowed to get into a position of representing the working class of the UK.

Only the progressive left fight for the interests of the working class and even though the choice of representatives for the progressive left are very limited in the UK there is still the Green Party.

4 thoughts on “The UK & the rise of the far-right

  1. Rallan

    “… they do not and should not be allowed to get into a position of representing the working class of the UK”

    Heh. We already do represent them. And unlike you, we listen to them too.

    “Only the progressive left fight for the interests of the working class”

    You represent yourselves, and are defined by smug self righteous contempt for those you condescendingly claim to represent. No one even knows exactly what progressive even means!

    Most people aren’t interested in socialism or Marx. What real people are crying out for is common sense & decency in politics.

    You wouldn’t understand.

  2. leonjwilliams Post author

    UKIP have no representation in UK government, ironically just in the EU which they don’t want.
    I do agree with you though that the people of the UK do want common sense and decency in politics, this before any dogmatic crap.
    Unfortunately for the UK they wont get this while the keep electing people from Labour, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems and they certainly wont get it from UKIP’s Nigel Farage.

    1. Rallan

      Hmph. A polite and reasonable response! I’d better adjust my attitude/expectations. 🙂

      I said “we already do represent them” because (a) I am a UKIP member and (b) I believe that we are a voice for normal people in the UK, particularly England.

      The old parties are dead inside. UKIP is rising fast with a broad appeal and sincere convition (like it or not). We are going to make a difference. I am proud to be a part of that.

      Disagree with us by all means. But don’t simply demonize us.

  3. leonjwilliams Post author

    Demonise (UK spelling) this is because not only do I disagree with UKIP’s specific policies (and I say that as an individual, not as a ‘leftie’) but more in principle, what I mean is, for example, why should I tell other people what they can or can’t do? If people of the same sex want to get married, who cares? Why would anyone actively stand in their way? It doesn’t effect me, let them be happy, the majority of the UK support it, why do politicians (in general) insist on telling the public what to do, what not to do and how to live their lives?
    Also one of the big boosts for UKIP (apart from Anti-EU) is their hard-line stance on immigration, while the UK currently is very limited on what it can do as a result of being a member of the EU UKIP want immigration to be capped at 50,000 (note that is not net migration but actually capped at 50,000 immigration as per their website). Although my personal views at not very popular on this issue I stick by them, if someone comes to the UK, pays tax and stays out of trouble why would I have a problem if this is 50,000 or 5 million? UKIP and the BNP seem determined to cling on to something called British culture, culture is always changing whether you have very high or very low immigration, resisting change is futile.


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